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    High Hats and Parasols
    By Jon Roland Guthrie

    Grove teams defeated
    The high school girls and boys who traveled to San Jose did so for the purpose of playing basketball against the boys and girls teams from State Normal School. The journey proved to be of little avail. The boys played a close game, which the school from San Jose won 27 to 25. The State Normal girls defeated its Grove counterparts by a score of 40 to 10.

    Country club organizing
    The Del Monte Golf and Country Club has filed articles of incorporation in the office of corporations in the office of county clerk T. P. Joy. The principal place of business is Del Monte. The club’s purposes, as set forth in the articles, are to acquire, improve, and maintain a club house for social intercourse among its members under such rules and regulations as may be established. Directors are H. R. Warner, Emett S. Husted, and Thomas Lee of Del Monte; E. H. Hotonu of Pacific Grove; and W. O. Teaby of Monterey. As pecuniary benefit is not an object, the corporation has no capital stock.

    Chinese prisoners unable to put up bail
    Mah Tin Leh, Gal Wong Chin, and Lei Unima have been charged with conspiracy to violate the immigration laws of the United States. The men were given preliminary hearings. They are suspected of being involved in the operations of the smuggling launch, Comrade, which drops anchor at night along the beaches at Monterey and Pacific Grove to discharge its human cargo. Pending the hearings, the Chinese had been at liberty due to the postings of nominal bonds. After the preliminary hearing, Commissioner Daugherty raised the bond amount to $7,000 for each man. The prisoners will probably be shipped, shackled, to Los Angeles for federal trial. If found guilty, the men may be imprisoned or sent back to China.

    Card party at hotel
    The assistant manager of the Pacific Grove Hotel, J. W. Foster, believes it necessary to acquaint more people with the presence and services of the hotel for which he works. Foster has therefore organized a free card party to which all are invited. Refreshments will be served throughout. Mr. Foster will serve as host.

    Two Grove stores burglarized, crooks nabbed
    The Pacific Grove stores, Cummings Jewelry and McEachren’s Furniture, have been burglarized. Thanks, however, to the fast work of PG Constable Phil Oyer, the men have both been captured and placed behind bars in this city’s lockup. One military man, from the Presidio, and one civilian have been captured and accused. The arrested are Private J. Gundy and Mister I. Smith. Both men have confessed and have relinquished all their loot. Most of the loot was buried in the ground near the Presidio gate. Chief of Police Englund praised the work of Oyer profusely.

    Popular Pacific Grove girl marries
    Miss Carolyn Macauley, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Macauley, was married yesterday. The young man of her choice was Clayton Pierce McGuire, who has been living in Auburn, Pacer County. Miss Macauley had been dwelling with her parents on Spruce Avenue in Pacific Grove. The couple said that they planned to reside in Auburn. The parents indicated they approved of the match and the move, Rev. Macauley adding that he considered the groom an exceptional chap. The ceremony was performed in the parsonage of the Methodist Church by the Rev. Wm. Burchett. Check-ins at the Pacific Grove Hotel J. L. Blair (San Jose), J. P. Weir (San Francisco), B. W. De Ross (Pacific Grove), H. Benjamin (San Francisco).

    From the market place…

    • You may leave an order to have your chimney swept at the office of the Pacific Grove Review. The work will be accomplished within a week by a skilled team of Japanese sweepers.
    • Paul’s Furniture Store is offering beautiful, handmade section tables at special pricing for a short time only.
    • A good mare with foal is being offered to the right buyer. The horse and her colt may be seen at 226 Cedar Street.
    • If you covet a piano on which to make beautiful music, visit Wright’s Hardware Store.

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