Fraudulent salesman hits Pacific Grove
    During the latter part of last month, a young man by the name of Mr. H. S. Reiman came to Pacific Grove.  This not so gentlemanly gentleman at once began soliciting and collecting subscriptions allegedly for the Overland Monthly, a stalwart magazine of good reputation.
    The fellow proved a good solicitor, meeting with more than average success.  As time passed, many who had subscribed to the Overland Monthly contacted this newspaper to complain that the issue due failed to materialize, as did the next one.
    Your editor’s suspicions regarding this glib young man were aroused.  I corresponded with my counterpart at the magazine in question, who wrote back:

     Dear Mssr. Eardley.  H. A Reiman was at one time one of our subscription agents, but he was discharged after running behind in his accounts with us.  We since learnd that he has been taking subscriptions and collecting for same.  While we are not responsible for these actions, we do not want our friends to lose money in such a way.  We will forward the magazine, to all holding receipts, for the duration paid for.  We have already sent out cards to all sheriffs and constables, and if you can assist us in tracing Reiman, we shall be greatly obliged.  Please notify your readers who have subscribed of our intention.  Have them send in their names, addresses, and receipts and we shall respond promptly.

     All right, readers.  Reiman is certainly a scoundrel of the first water, but he is certain to soon earn his comeuppance.  He is described as about five feet five inches in height, weighs about 135 pounds, complexion dark, has a short but full beard, and at last account was working Salinas.
    Anyone knowing Reiman’s whereabouts will render a great favor to the Overland Monthly to turn H. A. Reiman in.  Write to Overland Monthly Co, 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.

    Reservoir work underway
    There are about seventy men, all told, still at work on the new reservoir.  They are involved in rip-rapping and laying bricks in the well and tunnel.  Sixteen 6-horse teams are engaged in hauling rock from the seashore.

    Accident Strikes
    Mr. Wildins, who is the store-keeper for Crocker & Siason, was at the reservoir delivering lunches and water when an accident hit.  While crossing the bridge at Saw Mill Gulch, the horse Wildins was riding slipped ad fell.  The rider was thrown and the horse tumbled upon him.  Dr. Trimmer reports that one of Wildins’ limbs is broken in two places.

    Prepare to deliver money
    Tax Collector McDougall will be at the Grove next week to receive the tax contributions of our loyal citizens.  All should note that McDougall will be collecting at Superintendent Boyers office from 8 in the morning until noon.

    Presbyterians stirred up
    The Presbyterians are of a mind that the Methodist Episcopalians should not be the only game in town.  The congregation is again discussing the building of a church for Pacific Grove.  Word has it that property suitable for the purpose has been identified on Light House.

    Dr. and Mrs. Sinex give party
    There was a gathering of friends last Friday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Sinex.  It has been said that a most pleasant time was had by all.

    Newspaper studies newspaper
    The Castroville Gazette has dispatched Bro. Bradford, a new employee of that newspaper, to Pacific Grove to spend a couple of days at the office of the Review learning how things should be done in the newspapering business.  From this fair city, Bro. Bradford will travel to Monterey for more of the same.

    Salinas now completely electrified
    The City of Salinas has announced its being entirely electrified.  All residences now have (in fact, or the option) lighting by electricity.  Salinas is the first community in Monterey County to have earned this distinction.

    Dr. Roe returns from East
    Dr. Carrie L. Roe arrived by train after visits in Maine and Massachusetts.  Dr. Roe is now specializing in diseases of women and children.  With her home and office located on Forest Avenue between the plaza and the beach, calls will be answered day or night.

    Library Moves
    The public library of Pacific Grove will move today from the Public Parlor to the museum building in the Park.  The library will continue to be open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

    Stage robbed by masked men
    The south-bound Templeton coach has been robbed by a pair of masked highwaymen.  The theft took place about two miles south of the railroad terminus and a mile and a half this side of Atascadero Creek.  The event took place about 6 o’clock last Thursday evening.

    . On and after this date credit from the House of the Palmer Bros. shall be ended.  All goods will be delivered on a cash basis only.
    . Teeth can be extracted without pain by Dr. J. V. Horner.  Terms can be discussed.
    .Harvey F. Tilton offers the finest roses in the Grove.
    . Aylesworth’s Pacific Grove Candy Factory is the place to obtain strictly pure, fresh candy.  A choice variety is manufactured daily.
    .Mssr. A. Berg, proprietor of the El Carmelo German Bakery and Coffee Rooms, has announced new prices for fresh bread.  Thirteen loaves of German Milk Bread cost $1.  Thirty of the five-cent loaves of American bread sell for $1.50.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 20, 2009

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