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    Looking back: Spanish influenza spreads
    The Monterey County Board of Health and the Council for the City of Pacific Grove have joined in labeling the pandemic of Spanish Flu a problem of most serious proportions, emphasized by the untimely death of Mrs. Grace Ayers.  After taking ill, Mrs. Ayer was transported to a hospital in San Jose, the several more-convenient health facilities here being filled to capacity.  The immediate cause of Mrs. Ayer’s death is believed to have been heart stoppage brought on by tolls of the flu.  Her husband of but a short time was with Mrs. Ayers when she passed.
    Pacific Grove’s council previously adopted a resolution stressing this community’s intention to do battle with this fearsome disease.  All public assemblies-including Sunday school and church, entertainments, lectures, theaters, and school classes-are prohibited.  Informal gatherings, particularly those held indoors, are off-limits.
    The wearing of face protection by all people appearing in public is also mandated.  Ordinance Number 179 said that being masked pertains to everyone appearing upon the public streets and other places in the City of Pacific Grove during the period of “any evidence” of so-called Spanish influenza in said city, providing for the covering characteristic of masks to be so worn, and imposing a penalty for violations of this ordinance.
    Mssr. E. S. Johnston, Secretary, noted that all persons are by law required to report all cases and all suspected cases of Spanish Influenza to the health office set up at city hall.  Reports of all cases involving increased temperatures, accompanied by a cold, a headache, or a backache are also mandated.

    Dentist amendment No. 21 must not fail
    Your editor subscribes strongly to this statement.  My sentiments are drawn from the practice of dentistry on me for the past twenty-five years.
    The proposed dentistry amendment, which you soon will have to vote on, says: “… nor shall the charging of low (dental) fees be deemed unprofessional.”
    But opposition, representing themselves as the “ethical” element, say that they intend to turn their full wrath against this measure.  According to the ethicals, standard dental rates should be published upon cards.  All dentists should then charge identical fees for identical services, permitting patients to make choices based only on location, convenience, and reputed quality of work.
    In truth, however, the ethicals desire holding to high prices, thus insuring increased income for dentists … without concern for the patients.  For the opportunity of improved health that sound teeth can give, for the opportunity to receive dentistry at lower prices … your editor urges you to vote YES on dentist amendment No. 21.

    Standard Oil Company introduces Zerolene
    Leading motor car distributors say that examinations of maintenance records show the value of using Standard Oil’s newest product, Zerolene Lubricating Oil.  Zerolene is formulated from asphalt-based petroleum, which promotes less wear and tear.  Zerolene is the correct lubricating oil for all types of automobile engines.  In the opinion of your editor, it is the correct oil for your automobile.

    Sunday rallies boom at two churches
    Sunday morning being beautiful and bright brought out unusually large numbers of folks to two of the churches here in Pacific Grove.  Sunday was Rally Day at the Christian and Methodist churches.

    Soldier good at repartee
    A soldier who had returned from the war [WWI] for physical therapy at the Presidio of San Francisco was observed wandering about in downtown Pacific Grove.  A bystander, thinking he was being kindly, said: “I see you lost an arm,” to which the soldier replied: “No, sir, I lost nothing.  I chose to give my arm for my country.”

    No spitting in corners!
    It is a known fault of males that they like to spit into dark corners and other places.  The spatter of this obnoxious habit, however, may work evil in spreading the Spanish Flu.  In Pacific Grove, that shall not be the case.  Spitters and spitting are hereafter outlawed, according to the powers that be.

    Shop Holman’s for bargains
    Holman’s Department Store is offering a sale of lady’s ready-to-wear suits at prices that can’t fail to interest the women of Pacific Grove.  Materials are jersey, crinoline, gabardine, serge, broadcloth, and velour.  Varied styles, all beautiful.  Prices range from a bargain $18.45 to $56.45 for the very best.

    Protect yourself against the flu, eat healthy
    from Curnow and Curnow Cash Grocers

    Chloride of lime, useful in several capacities, is available at 12¢.  White beans, scarce during the war, can be purchased by the pound for 11¢; pink beans for 9¢.  Kwikserve tomato sauce (regular or hot) is offered by the 13-can lot for just 95¢.  Pork and beans are 10¢ a can.  Fancy potatoes are available by the 100-pound sack for $3.25.

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