• Pacific Grove Police: Unusual string of car thefts prompts warning

    Pacific Grove Police have taken four stolen vehicle reports in the last three weeks, prompting a repeated warning: TAKE your valuables. LOCK your doors. CLOSE all doors and windows to aid in preventing crime – TLC.
    3/13/13: 2001 Mazda pickup stolen from the 600 block of Sinex sometime in the night. Victim may have left keys in vehicle and door unlocked. Vehicle recovered 3/18/13 in the 600 block of Dennett.
    3/19/13: Teal green 1992 Mercedes 300E, lic. # 3RCB731, taken from 700 block of 2nd St. during the night. Victim says they may have dropped their keys near or in the vehicle and the door locks malfunctioned. Vehicle is still outstanding.
    3/23/13: Black 1991 Nissan pickup with black camper shell, lic. # 8N54062 stolen from 200 block of Grove Acre. Vehicle is still outstanding and all keys are accounted for.
    In the fourth incident, a Jeep Cherokee was reported missing but was recovered the same day in ghe CVS parking lot, apparently left there by friends of the owner.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 26, 2013

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