• Pacific Grove Restaurant Wins

    Cafe Ariana will be keeping their fence. The enterprising restaurant on Lighthouse which was among the first to take the City of Pacific Grove up on the suggestion of outdoor seating, will compromise on the subject of the fence’s attachment to the sidewalk and allow the City to make a sliding and lock-in-place connection which should be installed by August 6.

    The new connection will please the Alcoholic Beverage Commission (Cafe Ariana serves beer and wine) which requires an enclosure around outside seating. Maria Favaloro wanted the fence to be bolted as a safety precaution against people leaning on it and falling over. The City allegedly backed out on its original approval of the fencing after it had been installed. The fence originally was held in place by four bolts at each juncture.

    After the interim planner okayed it weeks ago and the Favaloro family, which owns Cafe Ariana and Favaloro’s Big Night Bistro next door, installed the fence according to the plans and enjoyed an immediate upsurge in business, particularly since the weather has been cooperative recently. By and large, the public approved and liked it and are flocking to the outside seating.
    But then City approval was rescinded and the Favaloros were told to remove the fence, even though it was under the required setback from the street by a number of inches. City workers were even sent to remove it, though the plans did not receive a hearing before the planning commission. Public pressure and media involvement may have played a part, but the City apparently backed down and agreed to the sliding apparatus. The Favaloros take the furniture inside each night.

    Cafe Ariana has been “grandfathered” in, in consideration of all the controversy and the fact that they followed the plans and approvals to the letter, but other restaurants which opt to do the same thing may not fare as well. The City will certainly be examining new plans closely.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 25, 2014

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