• Pacific Grove Road and Sewer Improvement Project to Begin on Ocean View Blvd. July 8

    Improvements to Pacific Grove’s sewer and storm drain system on Ocean View Blvd between Eardley Ave. and First St. will begin July 8, with completion expected in October. The project includes replacing a sewer pump station and 1,200 feet of main sewer line, as well as related enhancements to trap debris and divert pollution carried to the bay by dry weather urban runoff.

    The $2 million construction project will provide more reliable wastewater pumping capacity and reduce the risk of pollution entering the bay, as well as better protect water quality in the Pacific rove Area of Special Biological Significance. Because the project will take more than 200 days to complete and because it requires dry weather for underground construction, it had to be timed to coincide with the end of the harbor seal pupping season and before the rains begin.

    During construction, pedestrian and vehicle traffic on a portion of the Recreation Trail and one lane of Ocean View Blvd. will be re-routed. Ocean View Blvd. Will e restricted to one lane traveling eastbound toward Monterey. Al businesses in the American Tin Cannery remain open for business and free parking for ATC shoppers is available in the ATC parking lot on Eardley below Central Ave.

    Updated with current maps 12 July 2013


    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 28, 2013

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