• Pacific Grove ties with Soledad in Wrestling, Sort of

    “I’m happy with the fight,” Pacific Grove head coach Travis Selfridge said after his team wrestled Soledad to a standstill Thursday night [01-22-15].

    With the Breakers down 39-30 in overall team points, Orion Bautista gave them a shot to at least tie. Wrestling at 128lbs., Bautista found himself down 5-4, with only ten seconds remaining in the match. He quickly attacked and was able to get the take down and the two points before the final whistle. “That was good, it gave us a chance,” Selfridge said about Bautista’s late comeback heroics.

    Next up for the Breakers, was Liam Cunningham, wrestling at 140lbs. Cunningham’s only chance to give his team a tie, was to get the pin. After going up 2-0 in the second period, Cunningham was able to get the fall and secure a 39-39 tie with Soledad.

    Fernando Roman about to  take down his opponent in his victory for the Breakers.

    Fernando Roman about to take down his opponent in his victory for the Breakers.

    At the end of the hard fought duel however, Soledad was able to secure the victory because of tie breakers. The tie breaker consisted of which teams’ wrestlers scored first in each match.

    Robert Wilkerson (197lbs.) and Fernando Roman (154lbs.) also recorded falls of their own for the Breakers.

    Selfridge said that his teams’ performance was okay. “The guys with experience showed it and the guys who are new showed it too.” Adding, “That’s part of our team, we have a lot of brand new guys who have to wrestle varsity because of the small team.”

    108lbs. – Tarculas, J. Soledad def. Pacific Grove, forfeit

    115lbs. – Diaz, D. Soledad def. Pacific Grove, forfeit

    122lbs. – Saraba, M. Soledad def. Thomason, J. Pacific Grove, fall.

    128lbs. – Bautista, O. Pacific Grove def. Villallobos, J. 6-5.

    134lbs. – Sanders, C. Pacific Grove def. Soledad, forfeit

    140lbs. – Cunningham, L. Pacific Grove def. Chan, C. Soledad, fall.

    147lbs. – Barajas, X. Soledad def. Takasdci, K. Pacific Grove, fall

    154lbs. – Roman, F. Pacific Grove def. Perez, J. Soledad, fall

    162lbs. – Landin, M. Soledad def. Taudrouse, G. Pacific Grove, 6-3

    172lbs. – Garcia, S. Soledad def. Hawes, T. Pacific Grove, fall

    184lbs. – Phillip, J. Pacific Grove def. Soledad, forfeit

    197lbs. – Wilkerson, R. Pacific Grove def. Morales, J. Soledad, fall

    222lbs. – Smith, F. Pacific Grove def. Soledad, forfeit

    HWT – Saavedra, Soledad def. Cruz, A. Pacific Grove, fall

    Pacific Grove will next wrestle at home against Carmel on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 24, 2015

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