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    Dr. Barbara Mossberg
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    June 16, 2013
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    I asked you with your ears to ask again Yes and you did and “here” we are! Hear hear! It’s Bloomsday AND Father’s Day, both biggies for poetry, we’re slowing down for our Poetry Slow Down, KRXA 540AM, Produced by Hal Ginsberg, and Sara Hughes. As it turns out, the connection between father’s day and Bloomsday is rather extraordinary. Bloomsday is the day people around the world celebrate James Joyce and his book Ulysses, which covers our first written poetry epic, The Odyssey, by Homer, which begins with a son in search of his father, who’s been missing in a war and it finally is 20 years, and next week we are going to talk about James Joyce and actually—like the original perfomer Homer on the Odyssey, Joyce was a singer, and we’ll hear Joyce’s great Ulysses passages SUNG—his ode to water, and Molly Bloom’s soliloquy, by our own Pacific Grove chanteuse Susie Joyce, I’m not kidding, there are no coincidences, and we’ll hear about the impact of Bloomsday on our world, did you know the poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes decided to get married on Bloomsday, and right now as we speak people are knocking it back in Dublin and around the world in honor of this day, cheers! as we celebrate the Blooms of Dublin—the day the literary not hero but everyman Leopold Bloom spent in 1904, walking around Dublin, a day James Joyce chose to honor his wife Nora on the day they –she was Nora Barnacle then–first went on a picnic together, on a walk from Dublin to Ringsend—so stay tuned this coming week for poetry of picnics and it will be a picnic! Get out your sandwiches and six inch iced cakes and strawberries! And prepare for singing my Swedish squeeze’s fav drinking song, Ingen Orgen . . . Now what does that mean? Everything’s chaos, but even so, there’s a drip going down one’s throat, and all is well, that is my translation from the Swedish, in homage to Bloomsday today, covering The Odyssey, and today we are going to take up in fact this world of chaos of ours, and what to do about it, besides knocking it back, with a little brannvin, “burned” (or burning?) wine, for the topic of resilience; I’ve just been with the International Leadership Association conference on women and leadership, and poetry is at the heart of it, beginning with The Odyssey, and other people’s covers of it, like Joyce’s Ulysses, and that ultimate resilient spirit, Molly Bloom . . .
    Because life is not always a picnic. I refer us to the definitions of picnic, and to its synomyms and antonyms . . .
    easy street, fun and games, hog heaven, beer and skittles
    bear, beast, chore, headache, horror show, killer, labor, murder, pain, sticky wicket, stinker [slang]
    Related Words
    primrose path; heaven, paradise, utopia; American dream, good life; ease, relaxation, rest
    Near Antonyms
    agony, hell, horror, misery, murder, nightmare, torment, torture

    Life can be a bear, beast, chore, headache, horror show, killer, labor, murder, pain, sticky wicket, stinker . . chaotic and hard and difficult and lonely, not to mention agony, misery, torment, and what can poetry do about it? In our show today we will consider four ways: how ancient wisdom prescribes poetry as Rx for our survival;
    how poetry has played a role in people’s resilience we never imagined needed any such help—great leaders who have gotten US WE the people through great wars and depressions, such as FATHERS of our country . . . poetry that helps us through hard days and hard days’ nights . . . and how writing poetry can change the day . . . deus ex machina . . . .

    Stay tuned! Home Grown in Pacific Grove, The Poetry Slow Down, Sundays Noon-1 pm,
    KRXA 540AM, or podcast at BarbaraMossberg.com
    c Barbara Mossberg 2013

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