• Pacific Grove Vandalism: THIS ISN’T FUNNY


    Last night, someone threw a couple of large rocks over the fence at the brand new Stilwell Children’s Pool at Lovers Point. One chipped the deck, the other has smashed the seat on the lifeguard tower. Anyone with any information is urged to call the Pacific Grove Police Department at 831-648-3143 or Public Works at 831-648-5722. This will not affect the opening of the pool at noon today, 6/28/13. The mess has been cleaned up by Public Works.

    UPDATE 6/29/13: The perpetrator was caught on the security tapes of a neighboring business. We’ll see who has the last laugh now.

    UPDATE 6/30/13: Pacific Grove Police say there are some technical issues, but they hope to have the security camera tapes worked out in a week.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 30, 2013

    Topics: Front PG News, Police Log


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