• Parking violations will cost you more

    At the May 20 City Council meeting, the council voted to raise the fines for parking violations in the city limits to $35-$40 per violation. The move was part of the overall budget discussion.

    Director of Management and Budget Jim Becklenberg pointed out that parking fees have not been raised since 2002. He also stated that the State of California will soon begin surcharging parking violation fines $4.50 per ticket and that the increase will barely cover the surcharge.

    There will also be more enforcement of handicapped parking restrictions, with an anticipated revenue increase of $5,000 for the next fiscal year.

    Under discussion for future action are parking meters on Ocean View Boulevard through Lovers point, which would bring an estimated cost recovery of $75,000. Police booking fees, which would add $20,000 annually, will also be under discussion.

    The City will attempt to negotiate a 9.8 percent deferral of police officer raises which were agreed upon in a memorandum of understanding, saving the City $275,000. Other employees will be asked to agree to furloughs amounting to 5 percent, which would save $125,000. If these items are not agreed upon by employee association, Becklenberg believes that additional cost reductions in other areas will become necessary.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 28, 2009

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