• Parks partnering with Ventana Wildlife Society to help condors

    The Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (MPRPD) announced the formation of a special partnership with the Ventana Wildlife Society. The partnership will allow for the placement of feeding stations at Palo Corona Regional Park in a continued effort to protect the endangered California condor.

    Curious-Adult-Condor ventana“The new partnership between the District and the Ventana Wildlife Society will help to contribute to one of the most ambitious and significant wildlife conservation efforts on the planet,” commented MPRPD General Manager Rafael Payan. “By placing a series of California condor feeding stations at Palo Corona Regional Park, we aim to reduce the potential of condors ingesting lead-shot and bullet-contaminated carcasses, thus helping to protect one of the rarest animals in the world.”

    The Ventana Wildlife Society is endeavoring to establish up to 10 California condor breeding pairs in the Big Sur Coastal Region as a result of the expanded feeding station program. By introducing these stations, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District and Ventana Wildlife Society hope to reestablish the area as a viable feeding region for the condors which can lead to the re-colonization of the area as a whole.

    “Everyone at the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District, from the volunteers and the staff to the Board of Directors is thrilled by this new partnership,” said MPRPD Board President Kathleen Lee. “To have the opportunity to partner with Ventana Wildlife Society and help make a difference for these beautiful birds is truly amazing. We will strive to look for additional community partnerships that help to establish the future of our regional parks for everyone’s continued enjoyment.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 14, 2013

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