• Perseverence

    by Natalie Hulet-Sandblom

    I know God has a plan
    He has a plan for everything and everyone
    We must not doubt Him
    We must not doubt His plan

    Although I can never stop thinking about her,
    About her lifeless legs dangling from the wheelchair
    I know I must not doubt God’s plan

    But when I see her tears
    It hurts to know his plan may not become clear
    For a very long time

    She is strong and hopeful
    And she knows that she must believe He is watching
    But how can she not have doubt
    When all she wants to do is dance –

    Dance just once,
    Do just one pirouette,
    Leap just once across the dance floor…

    How can a dancer ever fully express her inner-feelings again
    If not through movement?

    She was a dancer
    A beautiful dancer
    An artist of movement
    A beautiful artist of movement

    Now she must hold her head high
    And show that inner-grace
    That every dancer possesses

    She is a fighter
    A beautiful fighter
    And with God by her side
    She will fight to the top
    She will never give up
    Because she is not a quitter
    She is a dancer
    And dancers keep pushing until they have reached perfection

    I, too, am a dancer
    A poet of movement
    And every move I make now
    I think of her
    In every routine I rehearse,
    I see the empty hole where she belongs

    She is a dancer
    A beautiful dancer
    And I know that one way or another
    She will be back on the dance floor with me someday

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 2, 2010

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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