• PG Golf Links to Open May 4

    Call 831-648-5775 for a tee time. The golf course will open Monday, May 4, 2020 under the following rules:

    County of Monterey Health Officer Appendix A Golf Safety Protocol  The clubhouse, pro shops, and locker rooms shall remain closed. Golfers are required to book reservations and pay in advance by calling Resort Reservations. No payment shall be accepted on site. 

     Golfers must bring their own clubs, as no rental sets are permitted. In addition, guests are responsible for transporting their own clubs at all times. Signs shall be installed at bag drops and around facilities as reminders for guests. No shuttle services are permitted. 

     The driving range is open for guests to warm up prior to the round. Each hitting station shall be set up ten feet apart and the balls shall be sanitized every day. In addition, all common touch points such as club washing bins and towels, den caddies, shag bags, and bunker rakes shall be removed. One staff member at each facility shall run the operation and ensure compliance. The practice putting greens and Golf Academy building shall remain closed. 

     Golfers must check in at the first tee with the starter, who wears a mask and gloves and shall instruct each golfer on the importance of adhering to social distancing and the Golf Safety Protocol throughout the round. 

     At check in, each golfer shall be offered one sanitized plastic bag containing sanitizing wipes, a mask, tees, a scorecard, pencil, and bag tag and shall be reminded of the Golf Safety Protocol. Golfers must comply with the County Health Officer Face Covering Order of April 28, 2020. 

    Use of caddies is not allowed. Golfers may: 

     Walk and carry their own clubs; 

     Take a golf cart, if available, with a limit of one person per cart. More than one person may ride the cart if they are from the same household, or bring their own pushcart. Courses shall also have a limited number of push carts available upon request. Golfers shall be asked their preference at time of booking. All ancillary items such as towels, tees, scorecard, and pencil shall be removed from the cart when it is returned. In addition, all golf carts shall be sanitized both before and after use. Non- playing guests are not allowed to rent carts or walk along with golfers. 

    Golfers may play in groups of up to four players and are required to maintain social distancing throughout the round. In addition, multiple marshals shall be on the course at all times to enforce social distancing and the Golf Safety Protocol

    All ball washers, closed-lid trash cans, and bunker rakes shall be removed from the course. Golfers may play “preferred lies” in the bunkers. Hand sanitizer dispensers shall be installed next to each water cooler to allow their continued operation in a safe manner. Golfers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. 

    •  Flagsticks shall remain in the holes and are not to be touched at any time. The holes are to be filled with a device that allows the ball to sit at the top of the cup, from where the ball is easily retrievable. 
    •  Two beverage carts may be provided on the courses (along with the snack bars adjacent to the 10th holes) and shall be operated similar to takeout service at a restaurant and have a valid health permit to operate. 
    •  On-course restroom facilities shall be open with a limit of one person at a time and sanitized regularly. Golfers shall be provided wipes to disinfect any touch points in the restroom. 
    •  Group photos at the beginning of the round, during the round, and end of the round shall not be allowed under any circumstances. 
    •  All post round services, such as club and shoe cleaning are not permitted. Guests are encouraged to head directly to their car upon completing their round. 

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 1, 2020

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