• PG Kids take over the library

    By Jon Guthrie

    Saturday proved to be a day of wonderment at the public library of Pacific Grove.  And that goes for grown-ups as well as for kids.
    Under the direction of Linda Bailey, program originator, children showed up by the dozen to “take a chair” and read their hearts out.  Many came accompanied by a parent.  Some parents even shared the chair and read books of their own.  One mom escorted a lively group of five all the way from Salinas to join the fun.The project has a multiple purpose, according to Bailey: to acclaim the values of reading, to promote the community values of libraries, and to assist in raising funds to help keep our library operational and running smoothly.
    “We’ll be in business for twelve hours,” explained the director.  “During that time we’ll have fourteen chairs constantly occupied.  Sponsors have agreed to donate funds for each hour a kid reads.”  Some visitors were so impressed by the kid’s efforts that on the spot they turned into donors.  Ms. Bailey noted that one woman had dropped by to check out a book and, instead, wound up writing a check for $300.
    Reading choices turned out to be varied and eclectic.  Nicholas Mah, for instance, concentrated on a book about Star Wars.  Rachael Sands preferred reading about the Three Blind Mice.  Everywhere visitors looked, different topics leaped into evidence.  One child tried reading two books-different subjects-at the same time.
    Why do these kids do it?
    Danielle Zelinda said that it was really very simple.  “If you want to read some book, and you don’t have it … well, you can just come to the library and check it out.  I’m reading to help raise money to save our library.”

    Last year’s marathon raised $10,000, which was the goal the children set for this year. And they have shattered that goal, raising $12,600 as of press time. Says Bailey, “We still had close to 40 kids there listening to ghost stories at midnight.” More photos inside.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 7, 2009

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