• PG Public Works awaits Federal stimulus funding

    By Cameron Douglas

    As President Obama’s first round of economic stimulus money filters down, the City of Pacific Grove Public Works awaits its share of funding for two projects.

    The initial packages were released at the end of January, and Celia Perez-Martinez Of the Public Works Department responded to the call. “We had seventy-two hours to submit our request, with all the paperwork. And we did.” Out of $8,900,000 coming to Monterey County, $303,000 was requested for Pacific Grove.

    However, response to the request has not been swift. After meeting the 72-hour deadline on February 9, no communication has been received since.

    In the meantime, the city must be ready to move on the projects at a moment’s notice. The proposed projects are:

    1.      Re-routing drainage and reconstruction of curb gutters and tree wells on Central Avenue between Eardley and Dewey.

    >p>2.      Reconstruction of gutter lines and storm drains on Del Monte between Esplanade and Asilomar.

    Cal Trans is the Federal funding authority. They receive the stimulus money from the federal government. TAMC – Transportation Agency for Monterey County – is another organization involved in the process. TAMC receives the funding for Monterey County from Cal Trans and authorizes its release for approved projects. “TAMC is basically like the bank,” said Martinez. TAMC receives government monies and determines the distribution of funds based on population.

    TAMC also does the initial intake of paperwork and sets up the criteria for Tier One and Tier Two projects. Tier One projects are those found to be within the amounts allotted, and are recommended for funding. Tier Two projects generally require more funding than is available and are considered only if funds are left over.
    Both Pacific Grove projects have been designated Tier One.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 2, 2009

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