• Phony Money

    Pacific Grove police, working with U.S. Secret Service agents, have arrested two women and one man they say were passing phony $100 bills. Officers of the Monterey County Probation Department and Seaside, Monterey and Carmel police were also involved in the investigation and arrests.
    Marquise Legaux, 21, and Laura Long, 31, of Seaside were taken into custody Dec. 23. Jimmy Alexander, 32, also of Seaside, was arrested on Wednesday, January 7 on suspicion of passing counterfeit bills and of conspiracy to commit a crime.
    Pacific Grove police detective Adam Sepagan said that Legaux, who was an employee of the Safeway store in Pacific Grove, had allegedly passed fake $100 bills by exchanging them for authentic bills from the cash register at the store. According to the Secret Service agent involved with the case, four counterfeit $100 bills were recovered from the Safeway store. An employee at the store noticed the discrepancies on the fake bills and notified authorities, Sepagan said.
    The case remains under investigation as to the origination of the counterfeit bills and how many were passed, according to Detective Sepagan.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 9, 2009

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