• Point Pinos Lighthouse Gift Shop Now Open

    The Heritage Society of Pacific Grove is pleased to announce the opening of the new Point Pinos Lighthouse gift shop.

    The City of Pacific Grove and the Heritage Society several years ago entered into an agreement where the Society would begin the restoration and preservation of the lighthouse. One of the projects was to replicate two outbuildings that existed on the property during the property’s many iterations. The result of years of work and planning came to fruition on July 5th when the second of the two buildings opened housing a 165 sq. ft. gift shop. Both the City and the Society agreed that an ongoing source of revenues needed to be brought into the business plan in order to assure adequate funding to maintain the property and continue the restoration and preservation project. The gift shop will, hopefully, assure those goals. All the merchandise sale proceeds go back into the lighthouse restoration fund maintained by the Society. Because all the attendants in the gift shop are volunteers, as are the docents in the lighthouse main building, we are able to control our overhead.

    Although the structures are ‘replicas’ of past outbuildings, certain alterations became necessary to stay in compliance with current building codes. The buildings are actually 3 ft. longer and one foot wider than the originals. This change was necessary to accommodate the (also) new ADA compliant restroom facility.

    The new gift shop is selling merchandise that is lighthouse centric, concentrating on our local historic structure. Hats, t-shirts, magnets, pins, and lighthouse models are displayed alongside some local artist’s consigned artwork. The shop is open the same hours as the lighthouse: Every day from 1 to 4pm EXCEPT we are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. “Come out and visit and don’t forget us during the Holiday season. Some unique gifts will brighten someone’s holiday,” said Dennis Tarmina, Lighthouse volunteer and spearhead of the restoration.

    :We are looking for committed volunteers,” he continued. Volunteering at the gift shop requires only a commitment of one to two 4 hour days each month. “We try to arrange your volunteer time to accommodate your personal schedule.”

    To volunteer email Dennis at dennistarmina@gmail.com or Nina at grannisn@ymail.com.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 14, 2014

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