• Police log, 01/04/14 – 01/10/14



    Exhibition of Speed: Audience, a police officer

    A police officer parked on Pine Ave. heard someone peel out and burn rubber. The officer observed a black vehicle make a left turn and speed past the officer. Oh, yeah, he got captured.

    At least it wasn’t raining

    A man gave permission in late November or early December for tree trimmers to use his property as they worked on a neighbor. Recently he went to put something in his storage shed and voila, he realized that there was debris on the floor and that his skylight was broken. The police officer’s inspection found  that the skylight was broken. Damage estimated at $150.

    Lost purse

    A purse was left at an antique store according to the reporting party, while she was inspecting a chair.

    Later, when she got to her friend’s house, she realized that she didn’t have the purse but it was not at the  antique store. She was advised to have the phone carrier ping her cell phone, which was in the purse, but to no avail. Later it turned out her friend located the purse.

    Found red bag

    A red bag containing a wallet, iPod and water was found on the Rec Trail and turned in.

    Lost wallet

    A wallet was reported lost at Country Club Gate on 1/8/14.

    Found wallet

    A black wallet was found on Forest Ave. The owner’s wife said he’d come get it when he returned from a trip.

    Burglary at church

    A church on Carmel Ave. reported a burglary on Jan. 4. No suspects.

    Walked out with the merch

    Store owner  on Ocean View Blvd. Reported that a transient came in and walked out with a pair of shoes without paying for them.


    A man left his car unlocked and went walkies on the beach. When he got back, someone had stolen his backpack from the passenger side. A suspect was arrested.


    A woman turned in an M-80 she found in her adult son’s bedroom. It will be destroyed.

    Gone Walkabout

    An elderly man was found by a Good Samaritan and taken to his residence. When officers arrived, he was gone walkabout again. His wife advises that he does this periodically and usually goes downtown Pacific Grove. Yup, that’s where he was, calmly drinking coffee. Now his picture is on file in case he does it again.

    Dog bite

    A  woman reported that a mutt on a leash took a chomp on her leg. She didn’t get information from the owner, but says she knows who it is. She has a big bruise and some dog-teeth-shaped holes in her leg and wanted to have medical care.

    Well, officer, it was round and black and had little nubbly things all over it…

    A bicycle tire was turned in. It had been found on Grove St. The owner came to the station and correctly identified the tire and rolled it home.

    Investigating the “investigator”

    A woman got a phone call from a man who said he was a police officer and wanted to speak to her husband. He asked her if she spoke English, and she put him on speaker phone so her neighbor (who was there) could hear. He said he didn’t deal with third parties and hung up. The woman called police, who dialed the number she provided. The suspicious person answered “Investigations.” The real police officer asked him which department he was with and the suspicious person hung up. The officer said that there have been postings about this m.o. and this phone number.





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