• Police log, 01/18/14 – 01/24/14

    01/18/14 -01/24/14

    Picked the wrong place to park

    Noticing a vehicle at Crespi Pond (which is not exactly a pond these days) after midnight, an officer did a vehicle check and found the driver had less than an ounce of marijuana. Drier was cited.

    Two people parked at the foghorn turnout (no foghorn anymore, BTW) and went for a walk, Someone broke out the left front window and stole a cell phone and Nintendo DS. Suspect fled in a white crew can pickup.

    A vehicle parked on Hillcrest and left unlocked overnight was tampered with. Apparently nothing taken.

    Vandalism occurred to a vehicle parked in the parking lot of a business on Forest.

    Found diaper bag

    Owner notified.

    Found camera bag

    Much nicer to find a camera bag than a diaper bag, I always say. It had a business card in it along with lens pens and data cards.

    Always have your camera ready

    Reporting party said subject had urinated behind the bushes so reporting party began to take pictures of him and said he should use the public restrooms nearby. The subject said he told the RP to stop photographing him and pretended to call the police. Subject was contacted and said he was not urinating in public and quietly walked away from the reporting party.

    Traffic stops turn up Stuff

    A vehicle check on Sunset revealed a minor in possession of alcohol. Cited and all parties released to responsible adults.

    Traffic violation became a consent search of the vehicle and a meth pipe and meth were found on a passenger. The passenger was booked at county jail.

    False alarms

    An alarm sounded on Bayview Ave. Front door was open and the lights were on.

    An alarm sounded on Lighthouse. Premises were secured.

    An alarm sounded on Grand Ave. Responsible party was contacted and the alarm reset itself.

    An alarm went off at the front door of a  business on Central.  A customer had thought the business was open and grabbed the door, setting off the alarm. They left and left a note,

    Bicycle stolen

    On Lighthouse. Past tense, date approximate.

    Obstructing my view

    A person started yelling at a tour director who had parked a tour bus on Oceanview The reporting party stepped in to stop the argument.

    Stuff lost

    A wallet, on Central.

    A gold charm bracelet on Lighthouse.

    Stuff found

    An ID on Pine,

    A watch at Lovers Point.

    A purse near Congress and Cedar.

    Casing the motel room?

    An employee checked out a guest from a room in the early morning. The guest yelled at the employee and left. Later, she saw him parked across the street in the business parking lot on Lighthouse. She thought that was weird. It frightened her so a coworker called the police. The vehicle left before the police arrived.

    Cancel the ads!

    A person reported someone had used his cell phone to place some ads. They were cancelled.

    Accident on Forest

    Major damage sustained to both vehicles, but no injuries were reported.

    Vandalism to city property on Piedmont

    Someone wrote slang, derogatory comments, and obscene material on a park cement using charcoal. Public Works cleaned it up.

    Getaway car got away

    A vehicle was left running in the middle of the street on 10th Street, so it was towed. Owner said it had been stolen from Grand Ave. when left unattended with the engine running.


    A woman reported she has received numerous calls stating she had been approved for a $10,000 college grant but needed to give credit card information. She refused and they got aggressive. She was advised to have her cell phone company block the offensive number.


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