• Police Log 10/13/12-10/19/12

    False alarm. Well, it was not really a false alarm, but just not the right kind
    An alarm was activated on Spazier. The realtor sent an email advising it was not a burglar alarm, but a fire alarm. Yikes!

    Altered check
    A suspect tried to cash an altered check at the bank. He didn’t succeed.

    Lost and lost and found
    iPhone at the Butterfly Parade.
    Wallet lost at Stevenson School. Reported found later.
    A license plate was found by Public Works.
    Road ID tag was found and turned in. What’s a road ID tag anyway?
    A fanny pack was found on city property and given to an officer. Apparently it belonged to someone from out of the country, because the police contacted the consulate, but then someone from the golf course called and the owner came and got it. I’m pretty sure there’s more to the story.
    A California drivers license was found in the garbage at a business at Country Club Gate.
    Debit card found near ATM. Eventually returned to owner.

    Dispute over stuff
    A former boyfriend came back to the girlfriend’s home to get his stuff, which included clothes and money. They had an appointment, but she was late – by three hours. She says she doesn’t have his stuff. During the discussion it was found the male had an outstanding warrant. He was arrested and bailed out.

    Strong arm robbery
    On Lighthouse. No more details given, investigation ongoing.

    Just visiting
    A loose dog, which appeared hungry and thirsty, was found on Forest. Tags were from Texas. Owner eventually located and picked up the dog.

    Not your father’s oregano
    A person was contacted on a vehicle check on Timber Trail and found to be in possession of 15 grams of a green leafy substance. It was weighed and photographed and placed into evidence.

    Cash stolen by juvenile
    A victim on Park St. reported stolen cash. Suspect juvenile was arrested, booked, cited and released. Property was returned to the owner.

    A large rock was thrown through a rear window of a car on Lighthouse.

    This is going to be expensive … and a long walk home
    During a traffic stop it was found that the driver was driving on a suspended license. Suspect was cited. The car was impounded.

    Fight over the rent
    Two tenants were bopping each other over the rent. Neither wanted to press charges

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