• Police Log 10/20/12-10/26/12

    Stolen campaign signs
    Victim reported that five “Yes on F” signs had been stolen from various properties where she had permission to put them up. Suspect is likely a “No on F” proponent.

    Suspended licenses
    During a traffic stop, it was discovered that the driver had a suspended license. A loaded firearm and high capacity magazine were also found in the car. Driver booked and released.
    On Lighthouse, a vehicle was stopped and the driver found to have a suspended license. The vehicle was impounded and the driver cited.

    Vehicle tampering and vandalism epidemic
    On Miles Ave., the victim saw two subjects inside her vehicle. She was able to identify them both and one was arrested, booked, and released.
    On Shafter Avenue, suspects were rifling through vehicles as they handed out flyers.
    On David Ave. numerous vehicles were spray-painted and rifled. No suspects.

    Who baked that cookie?
    A juvenile was disciplined by the school for bringing a cookie containing marijuana to school on David Avenue.

    Attempted rape
    Victim reported a past tense attempted rape. Suspect is a middle aged East Indian cab driver, medium complexion, brown wavy hair, heavy Indian accent and wearing a watch on the right wrist.

    Arguing, hollering, and generally bugging the neighbors
    A verbal argument between cohabitants on Moreland Ave.
    Hollering about speed in the neighborhood (assume it’s vehicle speed, not drugs) on Miles Ave.
    Husband and wife arguing on David Ave.
    A suspect ran into the road on Lighthouse Ave. screaming and blocking traffic, then refused commands when the police arrived. He was subsequently arrested.

    Who’s going to claim it?
    Currency was found in the jail cell at the police station.

    Found bike
    A bicycle was found in the forest near a woman’s residence on Heather Lane. It is being stored at the City yard.

    Lost wallet
    Black Bagolini wallet with handle. It was lost near First Awakenings. The victim knew everything that was in it and has cancelled her credit cards.

    Found wallets
    On Sunset. Owner identified and wallet was picked up.
    Handmade wallet found on Asilomar. Owner contacted and wallet picked up.

    Alarming alarms
    Silent hold-up alarm on Fountain Ave. sounded. It was a permitted alarm but no activity was found.
    An unpermitted alarm at a residence on Egan Ave. was reported by ADT, the alarm company.
    A sprinkler alarm, which is required by the city of Pacific Grove, malfunctioned and was sounding.
    On Arena Ave., two doors blew open and the alarm sounded. The painting contractor was on hand.

    Bark, Bark Bark
    A report of “barking dog with priors” on Crocker Ave. Owner admonished.Two Chihuahua dogs with no tags were running around Asilomar Conference Grounds. No way to identify them. They may have been dumped. They’re temporarily in the pen.
    A postal carrier was bitten by a dog on Bayview Ave.
    On Eardley Ave., a neighbor reported two Labradors were bark bark barking constantly. Though they weren’t barking when the officer arrived, the Animal Control Officer was advised of the situation.

    Feeding deer
    Someone on Evergreen was reported to be feeding deer, presumably intentionally and not by leaving the roses unattended.

    Feeding squirrel, who probably preferred walnuts
    A woman on Ocean View reported that she was feeding peanuts to squirrels when one of them bit her. She said she was feeling faint.

    Fore indeed!
    A golfer was hit in the face by a golf ball on the Golf Links. Taken to CHOMP with bleeding from the face and a possible loose tooth.

    Suspicious smoker
    A woman reported that a female has been noted a few times, standing in front of the reporting party’s home, smoking a cigarette. When the RP gets out of her car, the smoker gets into hers and drives away. The license comes back to a local resident.

    Breaking and entering
    On Pine Ave., a victim reported she was asleep and someone entered her apartment and stole medications. She suspects neighbors.
    On Egan Ave., a man found the back door to his residence open and said that his bedroom drawers had been ransacked.
    On Granite, a neighbor reported a window was open but that the owners were out of town. The house was a mess, but she said that was because they had just moved back into it. Officers couldn’t tell if there was forced entry or anything tampered with.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 26, 2012

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