• Police Log 10/27/12-11/2/12

    Lost and found and stored
    A bicycle was found by Public Works at Ocean View and Esplanade. It has been stored at the city yard.
    An iPod Shuffle was found and turned in.
    A card holder being used as a wallet was found and turned in.
    Some balloons were found in the middle of Eastbound traffic on Pine Ave. It’s not likely they will be claimed.
    A knife was found at a bus stop on Jewell Ave. and turned in.
    Money was found and turned in to parking officer on Ocean View. Finder wants to be keeper if it’s not claimed.
    See above, only substitute Lighthouse Ave. for Ocean View. Different finder, too.

    Campaign signs stolen
    Ten “Yes on F” signs were stolen from various properties where permission had been given to place them.

    Ammo turned in
    Some unwanted ammunition was turned in for destruction. Fees paid.

    Look both ways
    Vehicle driver opened the door into traffic and it got whacked. No injuries, minor damage.

    The seat might have been the better choice
    Something slid off the dashboard into the steering wheel of a moving car, causing the driver to hit a parked vehicle.

    Hit and miss
    Someone sideswiped a car on Forest Ave. and fled the scene.

    Bark, bark, bark
    On Bayview. Owner admonished.
    See above. Substitute Marino Pines. Also make that multiple dogs.

    Drunk in public
    An anonymous individual reported a man drunk in public at Country Club Gate.
    See above. Substitute neighbors, a female and Ransford Ave.

    Unregistered, but nonetheless working, alarm
    An alarm sounded on Hillcrest. Alarm company called it in. The owner wasn’t around.

    Registered alarm tripped by workers
    On Sunset. Contract workers apparently tripped it.
    See above. Substitute Chestnut Street.
    An unregistered alarm on 11th Street sounded. It was an apparent malfunction.

    Window smash burglary
    A car was broken into by smashing the window. Access cards were stolen and later used to buy stuff.

    Angry words
    Report of someone using offensive language from a vehicle on David Ave.
    A woman says her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend sent her threatening messages on Facebook and via a third party by texting.
    A person on Asilomar reported receiving a suspicious message.
    Over the past five weeks, a person on Grove Acre has received annoying phone calls. There is no info on the caller ID.

    Forced entry and no forced entry
    On Fountain Ave.There was another burglary on 17th but no evidence of forced entry was found.

    Prowler arrested
    A woman reported a man peering in her window. He was tracked down and arrested.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 2, 2012

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