• Police Log 10/6/12-10/12/12

    Maybe he just needed a place to sleep it off
    On Pine Avenue, a person saw a white male peering inside the reporting party’s truck, as well as a truck belonging to a neighbor. When approached by the reporting party, the potential bad guy seemed to be very intoxicated, but not too intoxicated to disappear before officers arrived. An area check turned up no sign of him. As both vehicles were locked, there was nothing taken.

    Thou shall not
    A male suspect was detained for shoplifting.

    Oceanic anthropology
    A bone was found along the shore on Sunset Drive and collected for identification.

    Familial communication breakdown #1
    A son reported that his father has been making rude and harassing phone calls to him. He is going to get a restraining order.

    Familial communication breakdown #2
    A brother reported receiving a harassing phone call from his brother while at dinner. He said it was about their mother. He said he had a restraining order, but it turned out only to be a letter from a counselor. He has now been advised as to how to get a restraining order. (Apparently worse than those “Google! Yes, Google!” phone calls I get every day.)

    Next time tell them their call is being recorded
    A business on Lighthouse Avenue reports continuing to receive inappropriate phone calls from an unknown caller.

    Public comments unwelcome here
    A customer who verbally abuses employees at a business on Forest Avenue showed up again, even though he had been previously admonished about trespassing. He contended that the property was federally owned and he could be there, but it is not and he can’t.

    If you can’t say something nice
    An argument led to one person using offensive language toward another. The offended party didn’t want to prosecute the offensive party.

    Burglary to residence
    Ransford Avenue on 9/30/12. No other details

    Theft from vehicle
    A vehicle on Funston was entered and stuff taken.

    Did they check the mileage?
    On Miles Avenue, a person reported the theft of fuel from a vehicle. That’s assuming no one in the house was joyriding in the night…

    Proof they were actually enjoying the view and not texting
    An iPod was turned in, having been found on the Rec Trail between the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Hopkins Marine Station. There was an email address associated with it and a notice was sent. If the owner doesn’t come and get it, the finder wants it.

    Stop sending me checks! said nobody ever
    A woman on Evans Avenue reports that she has been receiving fraudulent checks in the mail. She has no idea where they’re coming from and there are no instructions, but the Post Office and the bank each say that they are fraudulent.

    Found wallets
    One across from Forest Grove Elementary School – owner notified.
    Another was found at Lovers Point. Owner notified, wallet returned.

    Lost necklace
    A woman reported losing her necklace somewhere between Pacific Grove and Monterey. Reported just in case someone turns it in.

    Theft of painting in a mail tube
    At Country Club Gate.

    Theft and use of bank access cards, credit cards
    Four separate incidents reported during the week. In the fourth case someone tried to change the address on a woman’s accounts. There’s suspect information on that one.

    You want a sign with that?
    A customer stole a “Caution Wet Floor” sign as he left a restaurant with his hamburgers. The sign is valued at $13.

    Lurking dog walker
    A couple on Grove Acre reported that someone had unscrewed the light bulbs from their surveillance system. A video showed a dog walker had entered the property and is suspected of unscrewing the light bulbs. The police now have the image.

    Drug dealer harasses neighbor to attract attention?
    A resident of 17th Street reported that she suspects a neighbor of dealing drugs due to the number of vehicles coming and going at all hours. She said the cars often block her driveway or protrude into the red “no parking” zone. She said they drive back and forth and sometimes use her driveway. She believes they are doing it to harass her. She provided a written list of vehicle descriptions and license numbers.

    Maybe they pulled over to use their phone…
    A vehicle on Patterson with four young adult males was noticed by an officer on routine patrol. As they appeared nervous, the officer contacted them to find out why they were there. They all came back clean, though they had no logical reason for being there.

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