• Police Log 11/10/12-11/16/12

    Bark bark bark
    Ganging up on a doodle
    A dachshund and a chihuahua got out and ganged up on a 4 month-old doodle being walked on a leash. Not sure whether her dog had been bitten, the doodle’s owner picked it up. The owner of the dachshund and the chihuahua was cited because her dogs were loose.

    Dog at large
    A woman said she was walking with her seeing eye dog past a construction site on Presidio when a pit bull type dog ran into the street, circling her and her dog. The owner of the loose dog retrieved his dog and put it in the truck. The woman wanted the dog’s owner to be contacted and warned, so the officer contacted him and warned him.

    Bark bark bark
    Dogs on Piedmont were reported barking incessantly.

    Lock lock lock your car car car
    Property was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Sunset Drive.

    Lock lock lock your bike bike bike
    A $600 bike was stolen from outside a grocery store on Eardley. It was not locked.

    Lost but now is found
    A purse was reported lost by one person, and a second person reported losing their passport which was in the purse. Fortunately for both, the purse was found in Monterey.

    Lost or escaped?
    An iPad was reported lost near the vicinity of 17th and Sinex. The owner said the last time he saw it was on the bumper of his Jeep. Uh-oh.

    Sexual assault, Congress Ave.
    A woman reported that one male held her arms back while another grabbed her breast.

    Lost iPhone in tote
    iPhone in a leather tote lost between downtown PG and Ocean View. Owner had some 4000 pictures including ones of her late dad on the iPhone and would love to have it back. Call her at 831-373-1185

    Knock and run
    Two people on Central Ave. reported that a person riding a small BMX type bicycle knocked on their respective doors and demanded to be allowed in. The first reporting party said they had no idea who the guy was or why he was on his porch. The second reporting party said the guy had done this many times before and called back to say that the guy was in Monterey. The subject was described as a white man in his 20’s, wearing a white hat, black jacket, blue pants and unkempt. Subject was later contacted and given an admonishment for trespassing.

    Probably just curious
    A person went into the police department office to report possible shots fired at around 3:20 or 4:20 a.m. (depending on whether the clocks had been turned back or not). The reporting party was advised to report the incident as soon as it happened and not so many hours later. The reporting party said he wasn’t aware of the need to call 9-1-1 if he heard gunshots. As no neighbors had called in either, the case has been closed.

    Don’t touch my car…and by the way, don’t make noise
    A person on Cedar Street reported that the front of a parked vehicle was touching the rear of his vehicle. When he pulled forward, there was no damage. As there was no damage, he didn’t want to make a collision report but he did want to complain about loud parties at that address. The residents were contacted and asked to keep their parties quiet and peaceful.

    Gang graffiti
    Gang tagging was discovered in a public restroom on Ocean View Blvd.

    No crime, but no money either?
    Two people were reported arguing on Ocean View Blvd. Turns out they were arguing over money. No crime committed.

    Hit and Run
    On 17th. No injuries.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 16, 2012

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