• Police log, 1/11/14 – 1/17/14



    Vandalism to a fence on Syida. No suspects.

    Vandalism to an inn on Lighthouse.

    Stuff messed with

    Stuff in an unlocked vehicle was tampered with. Happened on 11th St.

    Same thing, different address

    Two vehicles were rummaged through on Pacific Ave.

    Locate the locator

    A  GPS was stolen from a parked car on Lighthouse Ave.

    One man’s happy dance is another’s disturbance of the peace

    A man was causing a disturbance outside a residence on Walnut and was found to be intoxicated. He was booked and released to POMPD.

    Class ring found

    A man’s gold class ring was found near the Rec Trail and turned in for safekeeping.

    iPod found

    An iPod was found at a shopping center on Forest and was eventually returned to the owner.

    Video camera found

    A video camera was found on Ocean View Blvd. and was turned in for safekeeping.

    Wallet lost

    A woman’s wallet was lost at Country Club Gate.

    Well, sir, you could carefully retrace your steps…

    Someone reported losing their wallet while on a bike ride from the Postgraduate School to Lovers Point.

    Bicycle stolen

    A bicycle was stolen on Del Monte Ave.

    Burglary on Shell Ave

    A garage was burglarized on Shell Ave. No indication as to what was stolen.

    Smile, you’re on Candid Camera

    A woman was attacked by an elderly man with a cane. She videoed him on her camera making threats toward her and poking her with his cane. The attack was unprovoked. She turned it in to the DA.

    Darn spellchecker anyway!

    A person reporting (and this is what it said) that his Cadillac converter was stolen from underneath his vehicle on Morse Dr. We’re thinking if they were available commercially what a difference it would make to our 19-year-old Ford Escort…

    Unauthorized credit line

    A person reported that an unknown person was using his credit card to the tune of $1,000.

    Sometimes even locking doesn’t help

    A person on Jewell Ave. reported her vehicle window was smashed and some hand-made items were stolen.

    Bark, bark, bark

    A dog bark report was made concerning a dog that barks incessantly (well, I guess it would have been a chicken cluck report if it had been a chicken) during the evening. The officer provided information on how to file a complaint.

    Found dog, owners relinquished ownership

    A dog was found wandering around in the woods at the city limits. The owners were identified and said they wished to relinquish ownership. The dog was turned over to AFRP for foster care.

    A dead dog was found in a trash can on the beach. It was still warm. Bones were also found on the beach but they were animal bones so no follow-up.

    Dog bite and run

    A person attempted to grab a loose dog to get it back on the sidewalk, and it it bit him., the ungrateful cur. Unknown who owns it.

    Suspicious person

    A man wrapped in a blanket was reported wandering around near Forest Grove elementary. The man who reported it said the subject appeared to be unkempt and as there were children walking to school he felt it should be looked into. When the police arrived they could not find anyone matching the description.

    Warning: Encroaching potty

    Construction on Lighthouse Ave. means a porta-potty will be encroaching on the parking lane. The owner got a permit. With the new drought declaration, maybe we all ought to get porta potty permits.

    Suspicious stuff

    A person from out of state contacted Pacific Grove Police to report receiving a package from someone from our city, but says she doesn’t know them and wants no further contact.

    A person from our city received a phone call from the Dominican Republic and says they know no one there. They reported it because they think it might have been some sort of scam.








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