• Police Log 11/17/12-11/23/12

    Falling into a hole
    A vehicle fell into an open hole due to recent construction causing damage. Oh yeah, someone was driving.

    Missed the hole, but…
    Another person said their tire and wheel were damaged due to hitting planks extending out of a hole. They had to be towed.

    On Ocean View Blvd. woman stood in between her car and another car that was trying to park, in order to protect her car. Her leg got hurt as well as her vehicle.

    Vehicle vandalized
    On Crest. Report did not say what the damage was.

    Smash and grab
    Window of a car was smashed and some binoculars were stolen.

    Striking issue or load spill?
    About 200 one-inch flat head coated nails were spilled in a grocery store parking lot where workers were on strike. No one saw it happen, nor was there any film, but someone saw a green truck driving through the parking lot.

    A cell phone was found and turned in. The battery was dead.
    A California drivers license was turned in, having been found in Monterey.
    A wallet was turned in that had been found at a hotel.
    A wallet was found on Forest Ave. and returned to the owner.
    See above, but substitute Bike Trail for Forest Ave.
    See above, but substitute Walnut Ave. for Forest Ave.  Also add “‘s father” at the end.

    A “money bag” wallet was lost at Lovers Point. Chances are it was pick-pocketed.
    A cell phone and water bottle were lost while the owner was riding her bicycle in Pacific Grove.
    A black Coach brand wallet with grey lettering was reported lost.

    Hogging the washer
    Reporting party was using two washers at the same time and her neighbor got upset at called her a nasty name.

    False alarms
    On Jewell Ave.
    Another one on 11th St., unregistered.

    A juvenile was warned about curfew violation, and another person was arrested for prowling.

    Vandalism of vehicle
    On Crest Ave.

    Hollering/Not hollering
    On Monarch Lane, hollering and banging was reported. But the residents denied any disagreement when the officers arrived.

    Not exactly a full service post office
    A homeless woman and her dog were sleeping at the post office. She was well known to officers, who made her leave. She left her backpack and blanket behind, which officers collected and locked up at the police department.

    Heavy shoplifting
    Five cases of beer were stolen at a grocery store on Forest.

    Art theft on Central
    Victim reported a piece of artwork was stolen from her office while she was away.

    Business property stolen on Central
    A business on Central Ave. was broken into and property was stolen. There is possible suspect info.

    Sign stolen
    A folding business sign was stolen from the sidewalk on Grand Ave.

    On baseball backstop on Piedmont.

    Domestic problems
    A man reported that his ex wife took stored property from inlaws’ residence in Montana while he was deployed. The report did not indicate whose inlaws they were, his or hers. Probably his.
    In another incident, a woman reported that she found her ex boyfriend sleeping on the ground outside her door. Her bedroom window had been broken from the outside.
    Child molestation reported, investigation ongoing.
    An elderly female from Carmel said her son had paid for her car and now wouldn’t give it to her. He said she had refused to pay him back so he wasn’t about to turn the car over.

    Found bike
    A boy’s bicycle was left overnight on Ocean View. No report of loss turned up using the serial number.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 23, 2012

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