• Police Log 1/12/13-1/18/13

    School security checks conducted each day and reported.

    Rape by live-in
    Reporting party came to the station with her friend and sister. All three had been crying and were upset. Reporting party said she had been assaulted and raped by her live-in boyfriend. As it occurred in Monterey, Monterey Police were dispatched to arrest the primary suspect.

    Sex with a minor
    Case ongoing.

    Not so neighborly
    There was an anonymous report of a garage sale without a permit on Marino Pines. Sure enough, no permit. The police shut it down.

    Not so neighborly II
    Two neighbors on Pine Ave. alleged each was created a noise disturbance and each alleged ongoing harassment.

    False alarm
    On Sunset. Owners on hand, but had forgotten the code.

    Sidorderly Doncuct, Drunk but not driving on Arkwright
    Subject was found lying on the ground, under the influence of something. Transported to CHOMP.

    Drunk, had been driving
    Suspect was found inside the vehicle with the motor running and emergency lights flashing. He was drunk. Ramon Galindo was arrested and booked and then transported to County jail.

    Bark bark bark
    A large RV was parked on Moreland with a big, barking dog inside. A note was left for the owner.

    Water run-off creating hazardous condition
    On Buena Vista Ave.

    Cell phone went for a ride
    A guy was working on his car and put his friend’s cell phone under the hood, then drove off. Uh oh. No phone upon arrival.

    Another cell phone went for a ride
    A cell phone was reported missing on Congress. Reporting party said they might have left it on top of the car and drove off.

    Bike-eating pothole
    A man fell while riding his bike and he claimed it was due to poorly maintained roadway. He planned on suing the city for damages. He refused medical attention and the abrasion on his knee was photographed.

    Squirrel mistakes finger for a peanut
    Fire and AMR responded to a child who was bitten by a squirrel. The father stated that they were playing in the park and the son was standing still when a squirrel came up and chomped him on the pointer finger. They state they were not feeding the squirrel but suspect that the squirrel mistook the child’s finger for a peanut.

    Burglary on 6th Street
    Unlocked garage. Miscellaneous tools were taken.

    Burglary on 18th Street
    Reporting party said someone had stolen about $600 worth of painting equipment from an unsecured garage.

    No burglary on 18th Street
    Reporting party said someone entered her unsecured garage and rifled through her things but didn’t take anything. She said a similar incident had happened a month earlier and that she had information on another possible victim.

    Welfare check: Dog
    Someone reported a dog left in a vacant house, foaming at the mouth. The dog did not appear distressed when the officer checked. The tenants were in the process of moving.

    Graffiti at school
    There was graffiti reported at the back of a school building, reported to the officer while the school security check was being done.

    Shoplifting on Forest
    A regular customer (we’re talking four times in one day) stole beer on two separate visits in one day.

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