• Police Log 11/24/12-11/30/12

    They weren’t kidding about the “No Parking” sign
    Vehicles towed after proper posting for special event:
    Ocean View Blvd.
    Lighthouse Ave.
    Caledonia St.
    17th St.

    False alarms
    On Lighthouse, an alarm was activated by bad weather. It was registered.
    On Central Ave., an alarm was accidentally activated by an employee.
    An alarm sounded on Fountain Ave. When officers arrived, the person there gave the proper access code.
    An unregistered alarm malfunctioned and sounded on Patterson Lane.
    An alarm sounded on Hillcrest Ct. Everything seemed to be secure.

    Rash of lost or stolen debit cards
    A person reported someone used her ATM information at a store in San Francisco. The store will hopefully provide video footage of the person using the card.
    Fraudulent use of a debit card belonging to someone on Funston.
    Fraudulent use of a debit card belonging to someone on Ransford.
    Fraudulent use of a debit card of another person on Funston.
    Fraudulent use of a debit card belonging to a person on Lighthouse Ave.
    Fraudulent use of a MasterCard belonging to a person on Maple St. The card was used in Stanford, CA.

    Banging their head against the wall?
    A person reported the neighbor was making a banging noise against the shared wall of their respective apartments. When the police arrived the noise had stopped.

    Shattered window
    A resident found the bedroom window shattered when they returned home. No suspects.

    Another shattered window
    This time the person was at home on 19th St. when they heard glass breaking and found the front window broken. No suspects.

    Hole in a window
    A small hole was found in a street level window on Spazier, possibly from a BB gun.

    Broken car window
    A person on Shafter said someone smashed the window to her car and stole stuff.

    Lost and found. Or not.
    A person lost her bag during the Half Marathon and it was later found, turned in, and returned to her.
    A wallet was found at a restaurant at Country Club Gate but the officer was unable to locate an address or phone number. A possible Facebook connection was found, however.
    A person reported losing a silver necklace with dangly, etched rectangles.
    A person said they lost their camera at Caledonia Park at a family function. In May or June. Um…

    Phone threat
    A person reported getting a threatening phone call from an unknown female.

    Phone compromised
    A person reported that someone had gotten into her cell phone and changed the settings. The phone company couldn’t show that her phone account had been compromised.

    The case of the pinging phone
    A cell phone was turned in to the police station and it started pinging in the evidence locker. Turns out the parents of the owner were using a GPS to find it and that made it ping.

    Found flag
    A flag was found on City property, but the City says it isn’t theirs.

    Bark Bark Bark
    Well, not exactly bark bark bark. More like terrorizing. A person on Bentley report that the neighbor’s dogs kept getting loose and breaking into her yard, and that she was afraid of the dogs. The Animal Control Officer put them back but they got out again. End of story, the owner of the dogs agreed to reinforce the fence to contain the dogs.

    Bark Bark Bark
    On Balboa, the new dog in town barks all night and day. Police are looking into it.

    Disrespecting your elders
    Three juveniles were impeding traffic while skateboarding and an adult told them to move along. They became disrespectful and the adult didn’t take kindly to that. The police asked him to call them next time and not to engage the juveniles.

    No license, apparently no car seat
    A person was stopped on Sunset for having a small child in the front seat. Turns out he didn’t have a license. He was cited and the car was parked. No indication of what happened to the small child in the front seat but we can surmise…

    No license, no seat belt
    A person was stopped on Pine Ave. for not wearing a seat belt and having front tinted windows. Turns out their out-of-state license was suspended and there was a warrant for her arrest. She was arrested for the warrant and released on citation.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 30, 2012

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