• Police Log 11/3/12-11/9/12

    False alarms
    Laurel Ave. It was registered.
    Chestnut St. It was not registered.
    Pine Ave. Silent robbery alarm activated. Receptionist said she was not being robbed.
    12th St. Unpermitted.

    Lost and found
    A receipt for a wireless company was found on Pine Ave. and turned in.
    An iPod was found on Ocean View. Unable to identify owner.
    A California drivers license was found on the bike trail near the Aquarium. Able to identify owner.
    A wallet was found on Fisherman’s Wharf and turned in at PGPD. Owner identified, wallet returned.
    A bicycle was found on Alder St. and taken to the City yard.
    A wallet was found in the quarry in Pebble Beach.
    Owner was transient but a check inside apparently was made out by a relative who was contacted and said he’d have the owner claim the wallet if he heard from him.
    A scooter was forgotten in Caledonia Park.

    Wine walk: Got to drink it inside
    Two people were observed on Lighthouse Ave. carrying wine glasses (presumably with wine in them). They were reminded, as were the establishments where they got the wine, that no alcohol is permitted outside of the business.

    Don’t give me that crap
    A resident complained that he received a political flyer near the door at his residence on Gibson and that the person who delivered it would have had to trespass to do so. He said his landlord had also received flyers and he wanted the distributor to be admonished. He was.

    It’s all over now, thank heavens
    Another person on Cedar St. reported receiving election handbills which supported specific candidates and disparaged others. They were not signed but a name was found by cross referencing a phone number. The reporting party felt it was trespassing.

    Lock your car lock your car lock your car lock your car lo…
    A woman on 19th reported that a GPS, and iPod and some CDs were taken from her unlocked vehicle while it was parked in her driveway.

    Unreasonable noise
    A person on 19th complained about the noise made by the neighbor’s children and their jumpy house.
    A complaint came in about a family quarrel on Grove Acre. The reporting party did not want to be involved or press charges.

    Unreasonable film
    A person on Junipero said that her neighbor had recently had their house sanded and power washed and that a film of paint chips and powder all over her child’s toys resulted. She said there was also a bag containing similar paint chips in the alley behind the house. She was concerned that the paint was leadbased. The case was referred to Public Works environmental program manager.

    Sibling rivalry becomes sibling battery
    On Lincoln Ave. No prosecution was desired.

    Vehicle vandalism
    Someone slit the convertible top of a parked vehicle on 2nd St.

    Subpoena services
    Four subpoenae were delivered as the District Attorney’s server is on vacation.

    Suspended licenses
    In two separate incidents, people were found to be driving on suspended licenses. Vehicles get impounded when that happens. Expensive. Don’t do it.

    Juveniles fighting
    A female juvenile ran into a local business and reported that four other juveniles were chasing her. The aggressors were identified and the main aggressor was arrested and cited.
    In another incident, a juvenile tried to instigate a fight at school and was suspended and cited.

    Son reports snooping
    A woman on Forest Park Ct. said her son saw someone wearing all black run across their yard from the upper portion of the driveway. Nothing seemed to have been disturbed, however.

    Hits and runs
    The driver’s side mirror on a man’s parked vehicle was damaged.
    A semi whacked a traffic signal light and road sign on Pine Ave.

    Bark bark bark
    On Park St. Dogs left outside and barking.

    Just say no
    A woman reported that a man with an East Indian accent who said his name was Henry called her and left a message offering a discount on her valium prescription. She dosn’t have a prescription and didn’t want the valium. She thinks it was probably a scam.

    Weekly barbecue too smoky
    A person with a business on Fountain said that the neighbor’s weekly barbecues are too smoky and are affecting her patrons.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 9, 2012

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