• Police Log 1/19/13-1/25/13

    School welfare checks made of all campuses at random intervals. Foot patrol and staff contacts.
    This week there were some six incidents of “welfare checks” for individuals in distress. We don’t like to report each one as some are very private matters and some are about mental health issues. But the public needs to know that our police officers don’t just ride around in their patrol cars all day drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.
    When you trip your burglar alarm accidentally, it takes three officers out of commission to respond to the call. For Pete’s sake, be careful!

    Lost and found
    Wallet at Pebble Beach Gate. Returned to owner.
    Cell phone lost on Asilomar Blvd.
    California drivers license lost on Gibson.
    Girl’s bicycle left at the Youth Center.

    Identity Theft
    Subject’s Social Security number is being used in Texas and other states.

    Mail scam
    A person who lives on Fountain came into the station to report a mail scam she received.

    Stray cat
    A person on Laurel Ave. said she had been advised to trap a certain stray cat and that a police officer would transport it to the SPCA. That’s not normal protocol, but the person was unable to transport it herself. The cat was housed at Ocean View Veterinary pending acceptance by Animal Friends Rescue Project, and if they won’t take it, it will be transported to the SPCA.

    Alarm activation 6th Street
    False alarm, unregistered.

    Alarm activation Brentwood Ct.
    Permitted alarm sounding at back door. Area cleared.

    Shoplifting beer
    On Forest Ave. Suspect is a regular customer and in one day made four visits to the store, stealing beer on two of those visits.

    Bone finding
    Bones were found on a beach turnout and determined to be part of the Indian burial grounds. The bones were left in situ per preservation laws, and proper authorities were notified.

    Juveniles partying, Rip Van Winkle Park
    Reporting party said there were juveniles drinking in the park, and something was either shot or thrown near her son. Investigation showed the incident was in the Pebble Beach so Monterey Sheriffs were notified. Found at the scene were empty beer bottles and airgun pellets.

    Trespassing, Pacific Ave.
    Victim reported that a suspect trespassed into her apartment during an argument over parking.Threats, Arkwright Ct.Victim said suspect came to her apartment and tried to dissuade her from pressing charges around a previous incident. She said he threatened to harm her. The suspect was gone when officers arrived.

    Medical assistance
    Subject flagged down an officer and complained of pain from an accident several days prior. He was transported to CHOMP and declined to take his personal property with him. His bicycle was locked up at ATC at his request.

    Hit and run
    Past tense hit and run, 17th St. No leads.

    Fall on city property
    16th Street. Subject tripped on a curb and fell. Refused medical transport.

    Animal welfare
    A dog at large was returned to its owner on Pico. The dog appeared to be substantially underweight and the owner was advised to feed it more. He owner said the vet had also told him to feed it more. Animal Control will be checking on it in the coming weeks.

    Theft of bicycle, David Ave.
    A bicycle was left outside the apartment and was stolen. It was a Huffy matte black bike.

    Drunk mother
    A mother and daughter were visiting from San Francisco and staying in a local hotel. The mother became intoxicated and the daughter called her father in San Jose. She was allowed to leave with him and the hotel requested the mother vacate due to the peace disturbance.

    $80 worth of liquor?
    A person on Syida found stuff on his lawn. The owner was located and said she’d been drinking and didn’t remember having left it on the guy’s lawn. Everything was returned to her except $80 she said she had, but she was just happy to get her stuff back. No crime committed.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 25, 2013

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