• Police Log 12/1/12-12/7/12

    Lost, found, and otherwise brought to the attention of the police
    A wallet was reported lost along the bike trail.
    A camera was reported lost at Asilomar beach.
    A bible was found on Hwy. 68 by the SFB Morse Gate. Owner was identified and the bible was returned.
    Personal belongings of a guy who was arrested were photographed and logged in. He can claim them when he gets out of the pokey.
    California drivers license and debit card were found in the street on Moreland. The owner was contacted and said they’d pick it up Sunday or later. Guess they weren’t going anywhere.
    Debit card and two student body cards were given to the reporting party. They had been found in another city.
    A wallet was found at Monterey Peninsula College by the pool. By calling the Monterey police the owner was identified and his father contacted. They came to Pacific Grove and picked it up.
    A purse/wallet was found in a shop on Forest and turned in. A message was left for the owner.
    A green and white beaded necklace was found a couple of weeks ago in front of the hardware store and turned in.
    Bike found on Sunset and turned in.

    Dog at large
    A dog was found and turned in. Owner was contacted, dog was claimed. Owner was fined but the dog wasn’t.

    Small dog at large
    A terrier sort of dog was found on Ruth Ct. The dog had a collar but the officer couldn’t read it. Dog was put in doggie jail and Animal Control Officer notified.

    Unaltered dog at large
    A dog was found on Maple St., turned in and lodged in doggie jail. The owner was contacted and allowed to claim the dog after being advised of (and paying) the Unaltered Dog at Large and Lodged in Doggie Jail Fee and being given two weeks to license the dog in Pacific Grove.

    People hollering at people
    Reporting party heard her neighbor hollering about her cell phone, and said she heard pounding on the wall, but by the time police arrived everyone appeared to be going to bed.
    A woman entered a business on Lighthouse and asked if they hired people who use methamphetamine. She then began ranting and finally left. When police contacted her, she seemed normal but was admonished and told not to trespass.
    Husband and wife were hollering and the wife was slamming doors. He called the police and left for work so she had to deal with it.
    Subject told reporting party that he only had plastic to recycle, but it turns out he had glass to recycle. They got angry and cussed at each other. The guy with the recycling threw a bottle on the ground and broke it. The other guy called the police but the guy with the recycling was gone by the time they arrived.

    Fall down go boom
    A motorcycle was found lying on its side on Lighthouse. The officer stood it back up on the kickstand. It didn’t appear to have suffered damage in the fall.

    Laundry stolen
    Bedding items were stolen from a hotel room on Ocean View Blvd. The door was unlocked.

    Stolen from laundry
    A person reported someone stole her box of dryer sheets at a laundromat.

    How’s he going to help if he’s drunk?
    A drunken neighbor on 15th approached the reporting party on their shared front porch and wanted to “help her with her business.” She was uncomfortable about it and wanted the incident recorded.

    This is not a good thing, especially in the rainy season
    Two vehicles were parked next to each other and each had the windshield wiper on the driver’s side damaged by an unknown vandal.
    Same thing happened to a car parked on Central Ave.
    Ditto First St.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 7, 2012

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