• Police Log 12/15/12-12/21/12

    No parking means no parking
    Vehicles were towed because they were parked in a special event route, which had been marked. Pay attention people. The Light Parade had to turn early because it was too late to have these vehicles towed.

    Probation check turns up drugs
    During an in-home probation check and search of male serving in-home detention, officers found marijuana and methamphetamine. Probationer went back to jail.

    Watch lost
    A watch was lost 12/7/12 in Pacific Grove.

    Owner in jail, possessions are not
    Items belonging to a person who is behind bars were liberated from a storage locker. No suspects.

    False alarm, the silent not deadly sort
    A silent alarm was activated in a business on Forest. When officers arrived, they found an employee but no distress.

    House of Blues
    RP reported ongoing problem with neighbor. RP is concerned that the neighbor is going to paint his own house a terrible robin egg blue color and there may be collateral damage to RP’s house and/or vehicle from paint splatter.

    A camera bag and contents were turned in as found property.

    One toy becomes many
    RP observed four juveniles damaging a tree branch on Caledonia Street. When contacted, they said they could not tell a lie, they had damaged the tree branch, but they didn’t mean to. They were trying to get at a broken piece of branch stuck in the tree so they could carve a toy from it.

    Mail stolen
    On Evergreen.

    Credit card theft
    Someone used a credit card not belonging to them.

    Annoying phone calls, Pine Ave.
    RP said they’d been getting annoying phone calls. Suspect info provided.

    Annoying phone calls and text messages, Willow St.
    See above. Ditto.

    Annoying phone calls, David Ave.
    A business reported receiving harassing phone calls from a former employee.

    Alcohol boosted on Forest
    Suspect stole alcoholic beverages and was caught outside by employees of the store. He was arrested and transported to jail.

    Run away! Run away!
    Two juveniles ran away from Pacific Grove Middle School. They were home by evening.

    Don’t leave home without it
    A passport was found and dumped in a post office mail box. The post office sent it to the police. The owner of the passport was found and passport returned.

    Naughty words
    A woman on 17th reported a past tense incident where profanity was used against her.

    Hate crime?
    A man on Lobos reported that he saw a female on his street twice. The first time he said hello and she ignored him. The second time she was driving her car and she gave him a strange look. He thinks it was aimed at his race and therefore a hate crime. He was advised that it doesn’t fit the criteria for a hate crime.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 21, 2012

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