• Police log 12/21/13, 12/27/13

    12/21/13 to 12/27/13

    Um, Was This Erratic Driving?

    Steve Wilson committed several traffic violations. The officer who pulled him over found he was driving under the influence. He was arrested, cited and released.

    Hit and Run with DUI

    Oliver Levingston was contacted in his driveway about a hit and run collision and was found to be intoxicated. He was arrested, booked, and released on bail

    Who Am I Today?

    A vehicle check turned up four different fake ID cards. Individual was arreted, transported and booked.

    Look for a Suspect Dressed as Joe Montana

    Reporting party ordered a Joe Montana 49er jersey, a San Francisco 49er bag, a cap, and a pair of slippers. They were shipped, apparently, bit the reporting party didn’t get them. Fed-Ex said they left the items on her doorstep. Fed-Ex and the shipper are looking into it and said they would resend the items if they had been returned. The reporting party doesn’t know whether they were stolen or not

    A Big, Striped Kitty Wearing a Mask

    Someone on Presidio reported their neighbor was feeding raccoons. The officer found six white paper plates under a table on the porch, mounded with food. The Animal Control Officer got a hold of the owner. They said they were feeding a feral cat, but the ACO reminded them that they should only leave enough out for the cat because six full paper plates would attract raccoons.

    Moving Stop Sign

    A moving truck moved a stop sign while making a turn, No injuries, sign was replaced by Public Works.

    Lost in the Crowd, But Saved by Scouting Skills

    A 7-year-old got forgotten when a family of 10 went to the beach and left for home without him. A nose count revealed the boy was missing and the family returned to get him. Meanwhile, an adult noticed the boy looking scared and reported it. The boy used his scouting skills and remained where he was until the family came to the rescue.

    That’ll Show Him!

    A woman smashed a window pane in the back door with her fist and cut her hand. The reporting party said she had poured a bottle of water over his head.

    That’ll REALLY Show Him!

    A woman threw a cup of hot water at the father of her child. Investigation revealed it was only a verbal dispute, however, and no arrests were made.

    Lost and Found

    A wallet was reported lost near 18th and Lighthouse.

    Another wallet was reported lost at Country Club Gate.

    Some money was found and turned in and the reporting party wants it if no one claims it.

    There were lots of lost tempers, too, but many were found by the time officers arrived.

    Must Have Gone Out of Their Way

    A woman on Forest reported her car had been hit while parked in her car port. There are two scratches on the left front bumper.

    A person took a turn too fast on Congress, which made him jump the sidewalk and damage his own vehicle.


    Two vehicle struck each other and two subjects sustained injuries which required transport to CHOMP. A secondary collision also occurred but there were no injuries.

    A woman reported her car had been struck while parked. She took it in to have an estimate done and was advised to make a police report even though the other driver had admitted it and there was a witness.

    A DUI driver rearended another vehicle on Lighthouse.

    Two vehicles were parked side-by-side at Otter Point. The rear passenger door of Vehicle #1 opened into the passenger door of Vehicle 31 and damaged the paint.

    Shades of Alice’s Restaurant

    A person saw someone dump approximately 11 bags of trash into a dumpster on Forest. He confronted the dumper at the dumpster but the dumper escaped. Officers unable to identify him. Apparently there was no envelope at the bottom of the pile. You have to be an Arlo Guthrie fan to get this one.



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