• Police Log 12/22/12-12/28/12

    Ya’all come back, heah?
    A Mississippi drivers license was reported lost on Central Ave.

    Qu’est ce que c’est que ça?
    Some sort of property was found in Fandango’s parking lot but the police report doesn’t say what it was.

    Oops. Brake not set? Wheels not curbed? Surprise!
    A parked vehicle “popped out of gear” and began rolling down the street, colliding with a shopping cart and coming to rest in the red zone in front of a fire hydrant. The registered owner couldn’t be found so the car was towed.

    Shoplifter ID’d
    Someone stole a screwdriver from a store. He was identified and contacted, and he returned the screwdriver to the store.

    Clean alarm
    A motion alarm went off in the laundry room of a residence, It was secure, but unpermitted.
    Another alarm went off on Lighthouse. The employee on the scene didn’t know the code.

    Scooter scooted
    A mom reported her son’s scooter was stolen from in front of the school on Pine.

    Bicycle stolen
    A bicycle was stolen on 18th St. No suspect information.

    Not in the Christmas spirit
    A woman reported her boyfriend punched her and she thought she might have a broken nose. She was transported to the hospital. He was long gone.
    A man reported his wife whacked him with a metal water bottle. He had injuries to the face and head.

    12/19/12 School security checks morning.

    Nasty but not illegal
    A woman reported that she is getting nasty phone calls about debts owed by the guy who used to have her number. She is not willing to have her number changed, but she wants to be sure that she is not associated with the guy who used to have the number. But the police advised her that there had been no crime committed.

    12/19/12 School security checks afternoon.

    Lost ring
    A ring was lost at Asilomar.

    Stolen/not stolen
    A woman reported her car was stolen, but the neighbors said she had driven it away and left it in a bank parking lot. She had forgotten. And now she has to take a DMV re-exam. Oh dear.

    Hit and run

    A person came into the police station to report that she had witnessed a hit and run incident. She had the license number of the victim’s car and the suspect’s car. But as the victim had not reported the hit and run, dispatch would not send an officer.

    12/20/12 School security checks morning

    Pawned items
    Seaside Police forwarded a list of items pawned by Pacific Grove residents in Seaside.

    12/20/12 School security checks afternoon.

    Lunging at the ATC
    ATC Security said that a leashed dog lunged at their officer for no apparent reason. The dog owner was contacted by police. She said that they were startled by the security officer but understands that she is not to take the dog to ATC again.

    Does the Police Dept. lend out large cats maybe?
    A man on Sea Palm is complaining that his neighbor is feeding peanuts to the squirrels and blue jays. He was concerned because the squirrel then comes to his house and expects to be fed. The officer advised him of ways to keep the squirrels from approaching him and then told the offending party to quit feeding the squirrels per municipal code.

    Private person’s arrest of trespassers
    A woman on Pine placed trespassing juveniles under citizen’s arrest and then turned them over to police who in turn turned them over to their parents.

    Yelling neighbor
    A woman on Fountain said her neighbor came over and yelled at her and she wanted the incident recorded in case something happened to her.

    Elder fraud
    A bank advised police that an elderly woman was attempting to withdraw a large sum of money to be sent via wire transfer. The woman said that a man who claimed he was from the FBI and working with Pacific Grove Police told her to send money via Western Union to Brisbane, Australia. She had already sent $5,000. No traceable suspect info. This sort of thing makes me sick. Just sayin.’

    12/21/12 School security check morning.

    Vandalism to dirt
    A person reported past tense vandalism where a symbol was drawn in the dirt on Central.

    iPod lost and found
    A person reported leaving an iPod at the Rec Center. It was located and returned.

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