• Police Log 12/29/12-1/4/13

    Alarm activation
    Garage door on 17th. Alarm was permitted, probably activated by bad weather.

    False alarm on Pine
    A motion alarm at the east perimeter door went off. It was a permitted alarm but also a false one.

    False alarm, Forest Lodge
    It was unpermitted.

    False alarm, Country Club Gate
    Employee pressed it accidentally. Unpermitted alarm.

    Parking complaint
    Area businesses complained about a homeless woman parking for extended time in the area. She has a valid handicapped permit and can park there for up to 72 hours.

    Getting aggressive with officer
    An officer was making a vehicle check when a guy there started ranting about police brutality and trying police departments for war crimes. The contact ended with a “field interview.”

    Theft from vehicle.
    Yup, it was unlocked.
    On Morse Dr., several items were stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

    Ransacked vehicle
    On Miles Ave., a vehicle was ransacked and stuff was stolen from it. Items were recovered when the suspect ran from the officer and dropped a box.

    A subject dropped a box and ran from the officer on Funston Ave. The box and other items were traced to their owners – they had been stolen from unlocked vehicles.

    Suspicious woman in the front yard
    Reporting party said there was a suspicious female in the front patio looking in the door. The woman was gone when the police arrived.

    Walking juveniles home
    Two female juveniles were out after curfew. The officer took them to their residence and released them to their mother.

    Wild bag on the loose
    A guy turned in a bag that was across the street on Chestnut. He had waited to see if someone picked it up and nobody did. It will be held for 60 days.

    Fraudulent uses of credit cards, stolen IDs reported
    Funston Ave. No suspect.
    Fountain Ave.
    On Damian Way.

    Lost and found: Person
    An outside agency asked PGPD to locate a missing person. The missing person was located and found to be in good health.

    Hit and Run
    A 4-door sedan hit a parked, unoccupied pickup.

    DUI accident
    Driver involved in collision was found to be under the influence of alcohol. Jesse Kelly Kincaid was booked and released on a cite to appear.

    Wheelchair found with drunk guys
    Five or six people were hanging out, yelling, in a park on Ocean View. When the officer shone a spotlight on them, they scattered down the steep, muddy hillside. A wheelchair was left behind. No identifying marks on the wheelchair, which was taken into property for safekeeping. One of the people was found by an officer and was found to be drunk.

    Do not stiff the cabbie
    A man refused to pay a $300 cab fare. He resisted arrest and attempted to assault the arresting officer, so he was tased and subdued, then transported to the hospital.

    Tenant tells on tenant
    A tenant on Pine Ave. told the landlord that another tenant was damaging the landlord’s property. When the landlord requested police accompany him to observe the damage and arrest the tenant, he was advised that he had to post notice that he was coming to inspect the property first. The landlord agreed to post the notice and get back to the police later.

    Pay or else Beep!
    A victim on 9th St. said his computer was taken over by a virus purporting to the the Dept. of Justice and stating he must pay $300 to unlock his computer. He also said his credit card was hacked, probably because he’d used it at a gas station where an illegal electronic device stole data from customers.

    Sasha on the loose again
    A black lab female named Sasha was found at large for the second time in two days.

    Trip and fall
    A man said he was jogging back and forth in front of the Pacific Grove Library and accidentally stepped off the curb. He lay on the ground for about an hour before someone noticed him and called 9-1-1.

    Moldy doings
    A woman reported mold to her landlord and management company. Eventually she hired a contractor to proceed with mold abatement. She came to believe the contractor was a con artist and had several business names. Now she has hired a mediation company to continue her case regarding his serviced and her payments. She wanted the police advised in case something could be done criminally, but she was told the city had been trying to contact him regarding his business license renewal but that the mold complaint is a civil matter.

    Megan’s Law report
    There was an anonymous call to police stating that a subject seen on the Megan’s Law website was spotted, and that small children live on the block which is near an elementary school.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 4, 2013

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