• Police log, 1/25/14 – 1/31/14

    Cop Log


    Who was right and who was left?

    Two vehicles collided while both trying to make right turns.

    Just browsing

    An unknown individual removed a screen from the baothroom window of a home and entered. After that, they looked through a storage trunk and a dresser then left without taking anything.

    Construction curiosity

    The door to a storage shed was open in an area under construction. Unknown if anything was taken.

    Phone Found

    A lost cell phone was found wandering Ocean View Blvd. It was comforted and returned to owner.

    How high is that anyway?

    Subject was contacted and found to be in possession of Marijuana and on parole.


    Personal paperwork was stolen from a vehicle. This paperwork contained social security number.

    Grudge against window screens?

    19th street property showed signs of possible burglary.  Screen on window was dislodged and broken. Police searched house and found nothing of interest inside.

    Forced entry

    Storage container was burgled. Many items were removed but left behind. All were recovered.


    Burglary of house reported by resident. Items were taken after entry made through unlocked window.

    That is NOT where we do that

    Report of a adult man urinating on a building wall. Reporting party knows his identity but did not reveal it. Won’t be so lucky next time.

    Car abused

    Woman reported that her vehicle was vandalized by exboyfriend.

    Bike found

    A bicycle was found and taken into custody.

    ID Lost

    Drivers License escaped custody.

    Showroom smash

    Business reported that a rock was thrown through the window of their storefront. Nothing was stolen but an item in the showroom was damaged.

    Abandoned vehicle

    Car decided to linger in the same spave for about a week. Since this is too long, car was given alternate lodgins at the impound lot.

    That may not be the IRS calling

    A person claiming to be from the IRS called an elderly woman. They say that legal action will be taken unless the woman gives over personal information. Verify who you are talking to before handing such information over.

    The ‘ol paperbox Jimmy.

    Two newspaper rack cracked open and emptied of coins.

    Tippsy or overindulgent

    Woman felt ill after she consumed alohol. Believing she had been drugged she called for help. A quick trip to the hospital had her treated for alcohol poisoning.

    Forger on the loose

    Someone signed a check that was not theirs and was able to obtain a large sum of money.


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