• Police Log 1/26/13-2/1/13

    Garbage galore

    Someone complained about accumulated rubbish on Gibson Ave. Either someone picked it up or it wasn’t bad enough, because the matter was deemed to be unfounded at the time of the report.

    Grandson not so bad after all

    A woman reported that someone had called her from out of state and advised that her grandson was in the pokey for a DUI and needed $980. The caller told the reporting party to mail the money via Western Union and not to call her grandson because he couldn’t come to the phone. She went and got the money, but had second thoughts – luckily. She called her grandson, and voila! He answered the phone, stone sober and not, he assured her, in jail.

    Lost and found

    A drivers license found on the bike path near 17th and Ocean View Blvd. The owner was contacted and picked it up.

    A debit card was found but since they couldn’t contact the owner, the bank advised them to destroy it.

    A wallet was found in the back seat of a taxi and turned in to police. Eventually they tracked down the owner’s brother.

    A purse was found at Lovers Point. A backpack was found on Gibson.

    A wallet was lost either in Monterey or Pacific Grove.

    A cell phone was found on the beach at Asilomar.

    Boys found a bicycle at Forest Grove school.

    Speaking of schools, random security checks were done at all school campuses in town.

    Yes he did, no he didn’t

    Room mate troubles: Reporting party wanted a civil standby while he picked up his stuff at the place he was moving from. When the officer and the RP got there, the room mate said that the RP’s stuff was on the curb for garbage pickup, and said he had warned the RP that was going to happen. The RP was counseled to take the room mate to court.

    Different room mates, same result

    RP advised that a former room mate left without paying his share of the bills and rent. Total damages amounted to $11,500. He was advised to take the former room mate to court.

    Juveniles with marijuana

    Two juveniles were found to be in possession of marijuana. They were arrested, booked at the police station, and released on a citation to their respective parents.


    Something was thrown at a vehicle. Next morning, the owners figured it was an egg and that a carload of juveniles were responsible.

    In another case, vehicle tires were punctured at Austin Ave. No suspect leads.Victim reported the side of his business truck had been spray painted.

    School vandalized on David Ave.

    Picnic tables overturned, soccer goals destroyed, a playhouse overturned and a potted tree knocked over.

    Habitual escapee

    A dog wearing a harness and leash was reported at large. Owner said it was an ongoing problem.

    Dogs living in an RV: No permanent address?

    Two dogs were reported to have been in a vehicle near Jewell Park for two days. A check determined that someone was probably living in the vehicle. The dogs appeared to be in good health.

    Doing the nasty

    A man was reported doing something naughty in the bushes behind a business on Forest. Thing was, it was the day before and he was already done by the time the police were called.

    Theft from vehicle

    On Congress.

    Also on Spruce.

    Door was open, business wasn’t

    A door was found to be open at a business on Forest that wasn’t open for business. The building was cleared.

    Fencing a fence?

    A portion of a chain link fence was reported stolen on Forest Ave. But it turns out the piece of fence had been taken in for repair.

    Dangerous character

    An officer from an outside agency reported information about a possible resident of Pacific Grove who was in the habit of making threats toward the government and others, and is believed to have weapons.

    Trespassing in hot tub

    Reporting party wanted the perpetrators to be admonished for trespassing but not to be arrested.

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