• Police Log 12/8/12-12/14/12

    Credit/Debit card fraud
    From a resident on Syida: All cards accounted for. Was info stolen electronically?
    A resident on Gibson reported his credit card was used fraudulently.

    Clean thief
    A paper towel dispenser in a city facility on Forest Ave. was emptied and the lock damaged.

    Road rage: ‘Tis the season.
    A road rage incident that happened on Hwy. 68 resulted in a scraped bumper.
    Another one happened on Forest Ave.

    Empirical evidence
    Resident on Pine got a new small, dark-colored dog a couple of months ago and neighbor says it barks constantly while the owner is away. A second neighbor complained while the officer was there…and the dog barked constantly, too. A warning was left for the owner – who was not at home.

    Medium dogs at large
    Two Rhodesian Ridgebacks were reported at large on Lighthouse, running in and out of traffic and generally upsetting things. The officer collared an un-neutered male but the female of the pair beat feet down Grove Acre. The owner was contacted via information on the collar, picked up the male dog and paid the fines, then set off to capture the female.

    Found stuff
    A wallet was found on Ocean View. It was eventually returned to the owner.
    A backpack was found on Marino Pines. Only a last name was found in it, so it has been stored at the police station.
    Property was found in the 300 block of Fountain and the owner couldn’t be identified. The report doesn’t say what it was, but if you lost something there and want it back, you might want to go down to the police station.
    A purse was found at 9th and Spruce. Via the landlord and a friend, and with the assistance of a cell phone and email, the owner was notified and claimed the purse.
    A government ID was found at a business on Central Ave.

    Alarms, false and otherwise
    An alarm sounded on Syida. Homeowner was already inside and said they couldn’t find anything amiss. But later they reported the garage door leading inside was ajar. Nothing missing or damaged, save the anomaly of the door being ajar.

    False alarm on Jewell Ave.
    Alarm malfunction due to power outages and power surges on Forest Ave.

    Harsh words written
    Someone reported offensive language used on Facebook. The offended person did not want to prosecute.

    Harsh words spoken
    Reporting party said they’d had an argument with their sexual partner.

    Harsh words spoken over dog bite
    On Pine Ave.

    Noises recorded again
    Recording party recorded, through the wall, what sounded like sexual activity in a room belonging to a 13-year-old. The tape was turned over to police. There had been a previous report.

    Banging on the door
    A woman on David Ave. reported that, after having had problems with several individuals, someone banged on her apartment door when she was home alone. An area check revealed no one, but she was advised to call if it happened again.

    Vandalism, theft, and other nasty goings-on
    Damage to a window on Seaview, probably from a BB gun, was reported.
    Personal property was stolen from a driveway on 20th St.
    Incident with unwanted visit from nephew. Nephew admonished for trespassing.
    See above, insert a date four days later. Charges to be pressed.
    A woman on Fountain reported that someone had entered her apartment without permission and had stolen personal property. There was no evidence of forced entry, however, and though she suspected her landlord she was unable to provide contact information. Determined to be unfounded.
    Power tools stolen on 18th St.
    Bicycle stolen on 6th St.

    No hunting in city limits
    Four juveniles were using a handmade, makeshift bow (and arrows) at Caledonia Park. Reporting party was concerned they were shooting at animals. The weapon was confiscated and the children were released with warnings. One of their mothers said she would pick up the weapons.

    No sleeping in the foyer
    A transient was reported sleeping at the museum. He was found to be on probation with search-and-seizure provisions, which resulted in a small amount of marijuana.

    No passing out on a park bench
    An anonymous caller said there was someone passed out on a bus stop bench. When contacted by police, the subject said he had been drunk and fell, hitting his head. There was a laceration above his left eye. He was transported to CHOMP via American Medical Response.

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