• Police Log 1/30/10 to 2/5/10

    Suspicious Circumstances
    A driver for Safeway was walking in front of the Forest Avenue store.  He immediately stopped and telephoned police.  He had spotted two men sitting in a vehicle.  Both of the men were attired in full-face ski masks.

    Vehicle Stopped
    A complainant telephoned to advise of a vehicle being driven in a reckless manner on Highway 68.  The vehicle was discovered and pulled over.  The driver exhibited signs of being under the influence.  He failed to pass standard field sobriety testing, and was cited.

    Mailbox vandals continue
    Officers on patrol reported detecting a number of vandalized, damaged, or stolen mailboxes.  Most of the locations were along Short Street.

    Car burglarized
    A complainant advised PGPD that his car had been parked all night near the residence. During the night, an unknown suspect had entered the vehicle for purposes of burglary.  Several articles were removed.

    Lost his ring
    PGPD received a call from a cyclist. The fellow had been enjoying the recreation trail near Lovers Point when he decided to remove his gloves. In so doing, he dropped his wedding ring, a solid gold band. He wanted the police to be aware of the loss just in case a Good Samaritan turns the ring in.

    Medical aid call
    A woman telephoned PGPD to request medical assistance for her spouse.  She stated that her husband had collapsed while he was in the bathroom, perhaps because he had been suffering from something like the flu.  A police officer and an American Medical Response unit were summoned.  The victim was found to have hurt his back during his tumble.  He was transported to CHOMP.

    Who is at fault?
    PGPD received a complaint about loud noise emanating from a Glen Lake Drive address.  Upon contact, a woman said that her children had been playing music loudly and creating lots of disturbance.  She agreed to have them quiet down.  Later, another complaint came in.  A young man said that his mom was the source of the noise because she had been arguing … with him. The young man indicated he was going to leave his home and stay with some friends, so there should be no more disturbance.

    Found … three hours later!
    A complainant called PGPD to say that her boyfriend might be missing.  She stated that the two of them had plans for the evening, but that the boyfriend had not shown up. A check revealed that his vehicle was parked across the street from where he worked and that his wallet was inside.  Interviewed co-workers stated that they had seen him leave with a client.  The missing  boyfriend was contacted … three hours late.

    Wants a long, long nap!
    Dispatch advised an officer that there was a “medical” in the 100 block of Pacific Street. A possible subject was contacted. The subject indicated there was nothing wrong … beyond his not having eaten or drunk anything. However, such acts were not necessary because he been asleep and not awakened … which was what he had wanted. Concerned, the officer transported the subject to CHOMP for mental evaluation.

    DUI suspect
    A woman driver was involved in an automobile collision. She seemed to be under the influence, and failed to pass Field Sobriety testing. A check revealed that she has three prior convictions for “wet-reckless” arrests. The suspect was transported to CHOMP and arrested while being treated. The suspect could not make bail, and was later transported to the Monterey County Jail.

    Argument declared non-physical
    Dispatch notified officers of a 9-1-1 hang-up from a cell phone. The caller indicated that she needed help, and then said something like: “Oh, never mind!?” and hung up. PGPD learned that there had been a dispute taking place between a male and a female. The topic was the woman’s alleged drug use. The man said that he had left the scene, but that the woman had pursued him, yelling that she needed help because he had hit her. The man said that he was trying to get her to avoid using credit cards and to not spend the rent money. Both eventually agreed that the disagreement had not been physical, and they agreed to go their separate ways until peace returned.

    Expired registration
    An officer on patrol noticed a car parked with expired tags. A records check indicated that the tags had indeed expired in July 2009, and that no renewal efforts were on record. The vehicle was towed on the basis of being unlicensed for six months or more.

    Should learn loving care
    PGPD dispatched a pair of officers to a location on Moreland Avenue for a welfare check. Passers-by had hear a loudly-crying child. Upon arrival, the officers were able to hear a child screaming inside an apartment. An officer thought s/he had hear the sound of someone being slapped followed by a scream. After contact, mom explained that she was trying to put her son to bed and having difficulty doing so. After making certain that the child was unharmed, an officer suggested that mom try comforting the child to keep him from crying. She picked him up and the child immediately stopped crying. Mom said that she would let her boy stay up a little longer.

    Need password
    A cell phone was found near Lighthouse and Sixteenth Street. Officers could not determine the owner because the phone could not be accessed without a password. The phone was placed in evidence for safekeeping.  The phone’s owner should call at the police station.

    Handgun removed
    A woman notified PGPD that her father, who had been suicidal in the past, left his residence upset because the family had not allowed him access to his handgun. Dad was later located and returned home.

    Left home with daughter
    A man contacted PGPD to say that his girlfriend left home Sunday and had not been heard from since. She was in route to her mother’s home in Redding. The complainant is afraid she does not plan to return and will deprive him of the opportunity to see his daughter. PGPD contacted the woman and found her to be okay, but she intends to stay with her mother pending civil court.

    Barking dog problem
    PGPD was advised of a barking dog problem at a Buena Vista address. The dog barks from 5:30 in the morning until its owner returns home after work that afternoon. The officer could see a young Border Collie in the back yard. The animal barked throughout the interview with the complainant.  No one was home, so a note was left asking the owner to contact the Animal Control Office to seek a solution.

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