• Police Log 1/5/13-1/11/13

    Wet prowler
    On David Ave., a woman reported hearing someone outside her home. Officers saw a set of wet footprints leading to the garage, but there was no one to be seen by the time they arrived. She said someone had tried the front door but it was locked.

    Frequent shopper oops shoplifter
    A person was reported as a frequent shoplifter at Rite Aid at Country Club Gate. Seems he picks up alcohol and walks out without paying for it.

    Much ado about a 6 pack
    A person shoplifted a 6 pack at Rite Aid. An employee attempted to stop him, standing behind his vehicle with hands on the tailgate. The suspect showed the vehicle into reverse and skedaddled.

    Wallet found, with complications
    A wallet was found on Divisidero. The drivers license inside turned out to be suspended/revoked. The owner’s mother was contacted and said she’ll have him pick it up.

    Suspicious voice mail
    A woman on Sinex said she got a message to call a certain number, and when she did they asked for personal insurance information. When police searched the name and number, it proved a dead end.

    Scooter scooted
    An electric scooter was found in the dirt on the berm next to the Middle School, along with a helmet.

    Skateboard skated
    A skateboard was left unattended on Junipero and someone attended it.

    Steamy scene
    A fire alarm sounded on Congress and neighbors reported the windows were steamy. Owner arrived to let firefighters in and remembered leaving a pot on the stove.

    Bark Bark Bark
    Bark Bark Bark
    Dogs reported bark bark barking on Prescott Lane, one inside and one outside. A note was left for the owner as it is assumed the dogs can’t read.

    Bark Bark Bark II
    A barking dog was reported on 17th Mile Drive.

    Bark Bark Bark or not?
    A person complained about barking dogs on Miles Ave. but they weren’t barking when the officer arrived. The complainant was advised to keep a log, but he said he didn’t want to. So he was advised to call dispatch if the dogs barked again but he said that every time he called, no one came. A check of records showed that no calls had come in.

    Domestic quarrel
    On 13th.Another on Eardley.

    Phone held hostage
    A woman on 13th said her boyfriend took her cell phone to work with him. She thinks he did it to get her attention. He brought it back home.

    Backpack lost
    In parking lot behind ATC.

    Suspicious of nurse
    A person reported that a male had called her a week before saying he was from VNA and would be coming by the visit. He didn’t show up so the patient called VNA, but they said they didn’t have any males nurses.

    Possible mountain lion, definite large animal
    A person on Austin said that she was out for a walk and heard a loud “growling” sound, then saw a large animal jumping a fence, then entering a wooded area. She shone a flashlight and saw green eyes at a height that might be a mountain lion.

    Silver Alert sparks a series of reports
    Walking on Lighthouse Ave.
    At the grocery store at Country Club Gate.
    On Lighthouse Ave.

    Bag of stuff found
    A bag of abandoned property was found in the bushes near the library. It was booked for safekeeping.

    Attempted burglary, successful damage
    There was damage from an attempted burglary on Central Ave. Nothing was missing.

    Patron reports homeless man
    A person reported that there was a homeless man entering the theater during a movie and they no employees could be found to report it to. Employees said there is a “homeless” man who frequents the theater, but is a paying customer.

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