• Police Log 2/16/13-2/22/13

    False alarms

    Burglary alarm on Ocean View; manager said it was accidental. It was also unregistered.

    A tenant opened a garage to admit pest control inspectors, not realizing it was alarmed. The owner arrived on the scene. Alarm was permitted.

    On Ocean View, an alarm sounded via a garage door activation.

    A permitted alarm was activated on Crocker Ave. Determined to be a false alarm.

    A silent alarm didn’t sound on Grove Acre. Neighbors said the owners were out of town. The alarm is registered.

    Family dispute reveals souvenir grenades. Dispute didn’t escalate.

    On Pine Garden Lane, a family dispute resulted in confession of a collection of WWII grenades, plus a handgun and a rifle.

    Dog at large

    No tags, collar, or microchips. Dog was taken to the doggie hotel.

    Possible phone scam

    A person reported that someone purporting to be from the Census Bureau called her elderly mother. She was advised, of course, not to reveal anything and to bring any mailed matter to the police station.

    Child lure

    On 2/9/13, someone tried to lure a child into their car on Jewell Ave.


    Someone stole a bench from in front of a residence on Montecito.

    Lost and found

    A woman reported losing her father’s wedding band, which she was wearing, but later said that she found it.

    A bullet was found on Maple St., lying in the gutter. It was a .38 cal. and appeared aged and slightly deformed. If you are missing such an item, contact the police department.

    A visitor reported she thought her wallet had been stolen. She had visited various places on the Peninsula and the assumption is that she lost it elsewhere.

    An iPod found at Asilomar was turned in.

    A wallet found in Sand City was turned it. Owner contacted and wallet returned.

    A cell phone was lost on Ocean View.

    The case of the now-and-then bicycle

    A bicycle was turned in. The reporting party said it will show up around the businesses on Ocean View and then not show up around the businesses on Ocean View for a while.

    Why I was late for work

    A man on Wood St. went out to get on his bicycle and go to work and there was no bicycle.

    Coin collector

    Someone broke into the dryer at an apartment complex laundry and stole coins.

    The party’s over

    A neighbor at an apartment complex on Pacific Grove Lane said that juveniles regularly have drinking parties and use the pool after hours. He was advised to call the police when such an event was taking place, not afterward.

    Sneak peek

    A business owner on Grand Ave. reported someone possibly casing the joint. The suspicious person was peeking in the window, noticing computers, and jumped when he saw the business owner still inside after hours. He was not located.

    Bad aim or just unbelievably crude?

    A business on 17th St. reported someone left a pile of human feces on the floor of the bathroom. No one had permission to use the bathroom, let alone the bathroom floor.

    Bark, bark, bark

    A woman on Presidio reported concerns about a crabby neighbor who is abusive to her and her daughter and complains about her dog. She’s concerned that he’ll do something to her dog, but she didn’t want the police to contact him.

    Another person, this time on Shell Ave., complained about a dog barking on the 13th and again on the 14th. Prior to that, the last contact was in 2010.

    Truck 1, motorcycle 0

    In an accident on Ocean View involving a truck and a motorcycle, the motorcyclist appeared not to be recovering from the fall. He was assumed to have injuries from the accident.Who has the key?A woman on 17th St. returned home to find her door unlocked. While it appeared nothing was missing, it has happened before and things were missing then. She thinks it’s the landlord’s son.

    Theft of clothing

    A woman on Arkwright reported clothing missing from a storage area. She had a suspect, and the juvenile female suspect was arrested for burglary.

    Not just wanting to use the machine, I guess

    Another woman, this time on Pine, said that someone entered the laundry room and removed her clothes from the washing machine. It is assumed the clothes were then stolen.

    Soft kitty, warm kitty, hungry ball of fur

    A cat was heard crying at an apartment on Arkwright Ct. It belongs to the owner of the apartment which caught fire on Feb. 14. As the owner was still in the hospital, the kitty was taken to be cared for by the Animal Control Officer.

    9-1-1 hang-up

    Police responded when a 9-1-1 call resulted in a hung up phone. Although the parties had been arguing, it seemed to be all right.

    Another fire in a bathroom

    Someone tried to start a fire with a phone book in a restroom at Caledonia Park.

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