• Police Log 2/2/13-2/8/13

    Fraud here, fraud there

    South Gate Police contacted Pacific Grove about fraudulent use of a credit card here. The credit card belonged to someone there.

    Pacific Grove Police were contacted about fraudulent use of a credit card in another city. The credit card belonged to someone here who says they haven’t been there for years.

    Lost and found

    A Kindle was found on a ledge on 18th Street. There was owner information in it and the owner was contacted through Facebook. The Kindle was returned.

    An envelope containing a green, leafy substance was found in the woods across from a David Avenue residence. It was scheduled for destruction. Probably not oregano.

    A bicycle and bicycle trailer were found in a carport on 10th St. Being too big for the patrol car, the officer asked Public Works to pick it up the next day.

    A mobility basket and camera were left on the sidewalk by the reporting party. A cell phone was found on Sinex.

    A skateboard and helmet were found at Robert Down School but no one has claimed them.

    A purse was found on the Rec Trail.

    A portfolio was found at Pine and Eardley.

    Ruckus in store

    A store owner on Forest flagged down police because a customer, who had been told not to come back on a prior occasion, was in the store causing a fuss because she thought she might not have enough money for the bill and a bus ride home. She wanted the clerk to page her friend in the store for a ride. Eventually they got her a ride home.

    Party leaked: Social media got too social

    Neighbors called about a party on 19th. The host was standing outside trying to turn people away and check IDs. There were even signs posted that underage partygoers were not welcome. Inside there was a DJ set up in the living room and 60-80 people were having a good time drinking beer and listening to the music. The party had been leaked on Twitter and Facebook. By midnight, however, it was getting old and the neighbors called again. Now there were 8-100 people and the party was shut down by police.

    Cab to somewhere

    A transient was sleeping in front of a business on Jewell. A cab was called to transport the subject.

    Not a camping spot

    A transient has been sleeping on a property on Jewell and the owner wanted them admonished.

    Photo release not signed

    A person on 19th St. said her neighbor was taking pictures of her dog and her truck. The neighbor had been aggressive toward the reporting party in the past and she was concerned.

    No good turn will go unpunished

    A woman said she had met and helped a transient woman, who, in turn, said she was leaving the area and would liked to stay in touch. The woman gave out her contact information, including her address. Whoops, the transient showed up on the doorstep on Shell and the woman’s boyfriend let her in. Then she wouldn’t leave so the woman came home from work and called police. The police told the transient she would be arrested if she returned.


    Tires slashed on Pine Ave.

    Not vandalism

    Scratches on a vehicle on Presidio Blvd. were deemed to be normal wear and tear.

    Maybe vandalism

    A person reported that someone tried to start a fire in a can in a hole in a tree on David Ave.


    Hit and run collision resulted in arrest for DUI of Danielle Marie Dames.

    Elizabeth Gray was arrested for DUI on Forest Ave.

    Clean getaway

    A “parts” washer was stolen from outside storage on Sunset.

    Refuses to come and get her citation, and her dog

    An officer had warned a woman about her dog being at large. Some 30 minutes later, the officer saw the dog again, dragging its leash, and drinking from a puddle at Laurel and Forest. The officer called the dog to keep it from getting squashed, grabbed the leash and was loading the dog in the truck when the owner hollered from across the leash for the officer to bring her the dog. The officer said no, come and get your dog and your citation. The owner refused and the dog was taken to doggie jail. Officer advises that fees will be waived if someone comes and gets the dog.

    Theft from unlocked, uncovered vehicle

    Small value items were stolen from a vehicle on Pacific Grove Lane. The vehicle was not locked and the top was down.

    A business on Lighthouse reported a burglary.

    Double parking

    School officials at Robert Down requested close patrol due to parents double parking while letting their children off for school.

    Double double

    A copper cauldron was stolen from the front porch of a residence on Cedar Street.

    Bicycle stolen

    A bicycle was stolen on Evans Ave.

    False alarm, Pine Ave.

    An audible alarm was found to be an employee who entered by a side door.

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