• Police Log 2/23/13-3/1/13

    Unpermitted garage sale

    Garage sale sign was noted at Gibson and Forest. PG records confirmed there was no permit, but the resident said their parents were raising money to depart the area so the sign was removed but no enforcement action was taken in the interest of public welfare.

    Generally alarming

    False alarms take two and sometimes three officers off the street and often scare the bejeebers out of the neighbors. For Pete’s sake, be careful if you have an alarm! The following are probably not all false alarms; however they are not indicated as such in the police log.

    On Pine Ave: Alarm company advised activation of interior doors.

    Lighthouse Ave: Alarm activation, lower level. Unable to gain access to building to verify. Alarm company handled it.

    Forest Ave: Alarm sounded, front door found to be unlocked. Responsible party came to business, all is secure.

    Ocean View Blvd; False alarm

    Crocker Ave.

    Forest Ave.

    16th Street

    Ocean View Blvd; Employee error.

    Skimming through information

    Last week we reported, in print, by Facebook, and an email bulletin that a second “skimmer” was found at a Union 76 gas station on Forest. Since then, at least four people reported fraudulent use of their credit or debit card and another five reported that their credit or debit card had been used at that gas station and subsequently used fraudulently. Check your receipts for fraudulent use, and use the card inside with the clerk instead of at the pump. This advice applies to anywhere with remote terminals.

    Theft from unlocked vehicle

    Grand Ave. Reporting party said she left her car unlocked and someone ransacked the vehicle and stole her sunglasses.

    Another case of the same thing was reported on Lighthouse Ave.

    Theft from unlocked garage

    On Sage Court. Theft from parked vehicle

    On Sunset, gasoline was stolen from a parked car. Given the price of gas, a locking cap might be a good idea…

    Theft of bicycle

    From front yard on Petra Lane. Serial number was entered into CLETS.

    Standby for stuff

    There were two cases where police were asked to stand by while people retrieved their stuff after domestic break-ups. There was one case of stalking and one case of refusal to turn over a child after a court order.

    Nude photos released

    After a break-up, a person advised that nude photos of them were spread around. The person who had posed for the photos said they heard that the offending party wanted money in return for either the photos or sex. Hey, that’s how it was written.

    Found bicycle

    A bicycle was found on the Rec Trail. It is yellow and blue now, but it wasn’t always that color. It was in pieces.

    Crash on Rec Trail

    Two people collided on the Rec Trail. One subject had a broken finger and cuts to their thumb. They refused transport.

    Found pouch

    A leather pouch was found near an apartment complex. No ID.

    Another found pouch

    A pouch with money and a bracelet inside was found in a parking lot.

    Rushing dog

    A person called to report their neighbor’s dog on 9th St. rushes out into the street and she has gotten tangled up with it when walking her dog. The dog’s owner was given a lesson on how to keep the dog in their yard.

    Really had to go

    A man was reported urinating in a person’s yard. When running from officers he broke a gate and a fence but he was captured.

    Trespassing against a business

    A business on Forest reported a person who had a trespass admonishment was back and stealing from the business. The suspect was arrested, booked, and transported to County Jail on previous felony warrants. The person associated with the thief was given a trespass admonishment as well.

    Stolen vehicle found

    A vehicle stolen from Pacific Grove was found at a shopping center in a neighboring jurisdiction. The occupants were arrested.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 1, 2013

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