• Police Log 2/9/13-2/15/13

    Burglary/Not burglary

    A reported residential burglary on Junipero turned out to be a case of trespassing. The victim said the suspect was on her property without permission and she doesn’t know how he got the key to her gate.


    A woman on 8th Street reported a residential burglary.

    Another burglary

    A couple on 8th Street reported a past tense residential burglary.

    Yet another burglary

    The next day, there was another residential burglary on 8th Street. It looks like the people who live on 8th Street better get new locks. Or has the perpetrator moved on? Whatever, lock your doors and windows if you leave home!

    Burglary, but this time on 12th Street

    An older man on Brentwood Ct. reported someone forced entry into his home and destroyed property.

    Trespassing became vandalism

    On Feb. 6, a suspect was located on property on Presidio Blvd. He was admonished not to trespass. He came back later and vandalized the home.

    Drinking juveniles. Wait. Juveniles drinking.

    Three juveniles, one aged 16 and two aged 17, were reporting drinking on school grounds on Congress. They were arrested, booked, cited, and released to responsible parties.

    Hanging around

    An 85-year-old woman reported someone put a hangman’s noose in her front yard tree on Presidio. Didn’t your dad tell you it was illegal? We couldn’t find a definitive answer as to the legality of making a hangman’s noose, but indications are that it’s illegal in most jurisdictions to use one to intimidate. Probably your dad told you it was illegal when you were learning to tie knots so you wouldn’t accidentally hang your hamster.

    Broken record: Lock your car

    A man on 12th Street said someone got into his car and took some money and a pair of binoculars. The car was unlocked at the time.

    TP is not going to keep you warm for long

    On Caledonia, someone lit pieces of toilet paper and seat covers on fire, probably in an effort to keep warm.

    Phone fraud

    There were two cases of attempted phone fraud. One victim was 92 which carries an enhancement of solicitation of the elderly.

    So that’s it. Other than a couple of cases of domestic abuse and some mentally disturbed people – neither of which we report on – there were no other crimes reported between February 2 and February 8, 2013. We’d already reported last week on the Sunday, Feb. 3 incident of the drunk guy with an axe thrashing the Pacific Grove welcome sign. There was no drunk driving, no people backing into each other in the parking lot, no bark bark barking dogs. Was everyone on their best behavior because of the AT&T?

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 15, 2013

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