• Police Log 3/23/13-3/29/13

    Taking the word literally

    A business owner on Forest saw a suspicious male behind her business near the garbage dumpster. She ran him off and then discovered a pile of excrement on the ground. Close patrol was requested.

    Credit card fraud

    Bank called a local man and said someone had attempted to use his credit card. One transaction went through but the rest were disallowed.

    Another case of credit card fraud was reported by a person on Congress.

    Ditto Forest Ave.

    A person on Forest says there were charges from out of the area on her credit card.

    Residential burglary

    On Sunset. Jewelry was taken.

    A woman on 17th says that someone entered her home while she was in the shower and took numerous items. She has reported multiple similar incidents in the past.

    Alarms sounding, no bad guys in sight

    Front door and living room to a home on Pine Garden Lane reported by alarm company.

    Master bedroom alarm on Monterey Ave.

    Unpermitted alarm on the third floor on Central Ave.

    Thefts from unlocked vehicles.*

    Piedmont Ave. on 3/18/13

    Seaview Ave. on 3/18/13

    Arkwright Ct. on 3/19/13

    Golf clubs taken on 10th St.

    Theft from vehicle

    Skateboard and sunglasses plus stereo face plate taken from a vehicle on Laurel Ave. No indication whether the vehicle was locked or not.

    Lost and found

    Jewelry found on Lighthouse. Finder wants to be keeper if not claimed.

    Bag found in the middle of the street on Jewell Ave.

    Cell phone turned in, left in a business on Grand Ave.

    Wallet found on Carmel.

    A stolen cell phone was recovered at a pawn shop in Seaside.Wallet lost at a local store on Forest.

    Reckless commuter

    A concerned citizen on Sinex reports a dark-colored BMW has run the stop sign near their house every morning for the past two weeks. Additionally, the driver is speeding at 45-40 mph and is talking on a cell phone. Time frame is 2115 to 2145 hours. The car is heading west on Sinex, running the stop sign at Congress, and heading toward Asilomar. If this is you, STOP IT!

    Open door, Grand Ave.*

    A door to a business was left open. The premises were cleared by police but the owner chose not to respond, asking them to close and lock the door when they left.

    Another police officer gave notice last Monday that she is leaving, as did one of the long-time support personnel last week. Pacific Grove now has 8 officers, no detectives, two sergeants, and one and a half managers. Even if officers were hired today, it takes six months to get them up to speed. Of 100 people who go through the academy, no matter whether they’re paying for it or the Department pays for it, only ONE makes it to be a Pacific Grove Police Officer. At one time in the 1990s PG had 32 officers and 13 support personnel.

    * Ed. note: We at Cedar Street Times have been criticized for pointing out the lack of police protection, by a writer in an online forum calling it an open invitation to bad guys. But we believe that reminders of the crippled police department are more importantly a warning to citizens and business owners to take care of themselves. We’ve also been criticized for lack of sympathy for victims, but for Pete’s sake! You left the door unlocked, or your cell phone on the dash board of the car, what do you expect? These are not the halcyon days of the Last Hometown. Don’t become a victim. TAKE your valuables, LOCK things up, CLOSE all doors and windows. Let the police chase real bad guys, not opportunistic burglars.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 29, 2013

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