• Police Log 3/30/13-4/5/13

    Stolen vehicles
    From 6th Street. Really stolen, not borrowed – all keys accounted for.
    A pickup truck was stolen from Grove Acre.
    An abandoned vehicle on Melton Place turned out to have been stolen from Salinas.

    From unlocked vehicle on Monterey Ave. TLC.
    From an unlocked vehicle on Crest Ave. TLC.
    Grand theft from a vehicle on Melrose Place. TLC.

    Stolen stuff
    Theft from a hotel room on Asilomar Blvd. Diamond wedding rings and an expensive shaver were stolen.

    More stolen stuff
    A bicycle was stolen on Sunset.

    Yet more stolen stuff
    A woman on Sunset reported that someone had entered her garage and stolen some things.

    If you’re going to do a smash and grab, don’t cut yourself
    Someone smashed a window at a business on Forest. Items were stolen. DNA was collected.

    Nobody home but the mailman
    A landlord noticed a person in his tenant’s house. Knowing the tenant was out of town, he called the police. Tenant was contacted and said it might have been her exboyfriend. Turned out it was the mailman.

    Bicyclist airlifted
    A bicyclist fell off his bicycle on Sunset and had to be airlifted due to injuries. Witnesses said there was no collision, that he just fell off. Police storing the bicycle.

    Credit card fraud
    Forest Ave.17 Mile Dr.Fraudulent use of 76 card.Credit card used fraudulently in Fresno.

    A man called a woman who lives on Gate St. and told her he was from the attorney general’s office and that if she didn’t pay some money she’d be arrested for fraud. She knew better. The attorney general’s office is aware of this scam going around.

    Probably not a scam
    A man says he found a job on Craig’s List for a teacher at a not-yet-opened charter school. He gave the interviewer a copy of his teaching certificate, which had his Social Security number on it, and later thought the better of it. He retrieved the certificate copy. The interviewer is a local person and provided the police officer with all the information needed.

    Baby stroller but no baby found
    500 block of Pine Ave.

    Marijuana but no smoker found
    Found on Forest, turned in to PD, logged in for destruction.

    Drunk fare
    A cab driver called 9-1-1 because a drunken fare fell on the sidewalk after exiting his cab. She had vomited on her clothing and struggled with fire/AMR when they responded, but they got her off to CHOMP due to the possibility of injury.

    Drunk driver
    Reckless driver reported and found parked, slumped behind the wheel. Natalie Triplett Best was booked.

    Possible child molestation
    Report forwarded to Monterey.

    Bark bark bark
    On Shell Ave. Ongoing problem.

    Chase chase chase
    Three dogs got away from their owner and chased a jogger. He received a scratch on his leg.

    County Conservator advise three people living on a property on Laurel. They left voluntarily, but two of them came back and were once again told to leave. They said they didn’t want any problems. Animal Control took possession of five animals and took them back to where they were adopted from.

    Look for someone with dirty fingernails
    A planter was stolen on Carmel Ave.

    Mensaje molesto
    A person on Shafter reported annoying text messages received in Spanish.

    Bonfire not so bon
    A bonfire burn was located in the woods with four folding chairs from PGHS found. They had graffitti about marijuana, swastikas, and police officers. There was also evidence of alcohol. CDF is investigating. Pictures were shared with the high school officials.

    Suspicious person
    Someone reported a suspicious person on 17 Mile Dr. HMA, 5’9”, 200 Lbs., mustache, tattoos under right ear and on calf, wearing shorts, beige backpack. Not from here.

    Suspicious cupcake wrapper
    A person on Coral St. said that when he went out to get his paper he found a cupcake wrapper and some silk petals in his yard and doesn’t know how they got there. Requested close patrol.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 5, 2013

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