• Police Log 3/9/13-3/15/13

    Epidemic of fraudulent use of credit and/or debit cards and/or information

    Gibson Avenue

    Shafter Avenue

    Forest Avenue

    Spruce Avenue

    Pacific Grove Lane

    Forest Avenue

    On March 8, 2013, the clerk at the Unocal 76 gas station at 1140 Forest Ave. was conducting a routine check of their gas pumps as part of an ongoing effort to prevent credit card skimmers from being attached to the pumps. This station has been targeted by credit card skimmers on several occasions in the past and skimmers were located attached to two pumps on Dec. 7, 2012.

    A skimmer was located attached to the circuitry inside the pump. The clerk removed the device and delivered it to the Pacific Grove Police Department.

    False alarms

    Permitted or unpermitted, false alarms take officers off the street. If you have an alarm, please be careful with it.

    A silent alarm was activated by an employee on Grand Ave. who pushed the “panic button.” The alarm was unpermitted.

    An alarm was sounded on Crocker Ave.

    An alarm was sounded on Lighthouse Ave.

    An unpermitted alarm was reported by the alarm company on Ripple Ave.

    Lost wallets and other stuff

    3/3/13 a wallet was lost at an event downtown on Lighthouse.

    3/4/13 on Ocean View, a cell phone pouch was either lost or stolen. Victim said she thought she had locked it in the trunk. There was no sign of tampering with the trunk.

    Presumed stolen stuff

    Cell phone taken from vehicle, possibly in Sand City, possibly in Pacific Grove.

    Leather jacket taken and personal belongings rummaged through while home was being fumigated.

    Found property

    A custodian’s wallet was found tucked under a toilet on Lighthouse. There were no credit cards or cash in it.

    A wallet was found in a city lot on 3/4/13 and returned to the owner.

    A watch was found at Lovers Point on 3/4/13 and turned in.

    He didn’t even send a post card

    A person reported he had not heard from his brother in law who was traveling by bicycle from California to Florida. Luckily, the subject was found in Big Sur.

    Unsolicited email and snail mail

    A person reported receiving a photo of a naked man on her cell phone. He called her two days later.

    A person reported receiving a package in the mail that had sayings on the outside. Inside was a dictionary with notes.

    Phone scam attempts

    Reporting party on Alder St. said an automated phone caller told her that to reactivate her debit card, she needed to provide the number. Which, luckily, she did not do. She called her bank and the bank advised that they had not initiated the phone call.

    Another person on Congress reported a phone scam attempt as well.

    Bark bark barking dogs

    A dog on Melrose Pl. apparently didn’t like the open house next door and was bark bark barking. The owner was not home.

    Repeat offenders offended and the neighbors complained again. The owner will probably resort to anti-bark collars.

    Yell yell yelling

    Father v. son 3/3/13

    Couple 3/6/13

    Man in the street 3/2/13

    Offensive words in public 3/4/13

    Domestic 3/6/13

    Fighting over vandalism and a surf board 3/7/13

    Check the neighbor’s remote

    A woman on Fountain said her garage door has been found open on a number of occasions but that it is supposed to open only with an electronic device. Nothing is missing, but she’s concerned.

    Strong arm robbery

    A juvenile reported a strong arm robbery at Country Club Gate.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 15, 2013

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