• Police Log 4/20/13-4/26/13

    Walk loudly and carry a really big stick
    A mountain lion was sighted on April 22 near Beacon Ave. The reporting party said she saw it from her living room window. She went out to get her dog into the house and lost sight of the cat.

    Thievery and skullduggery
    Burglary from vehicle
    Suspect pried the window open with a screwdriver and stole the car stereo and some golf equipment.

    iPad stolen at hotel
    A guest called and reported that her iPad had been stolen while she was staying at a hotel on Asilomar.

    Plastic barricade filched
    A barricade belonging to Bay Net, used to hold signs warning the public about seal pupping, was stolen. Three of them turned up at a City Council meeting last night. It is not known where they went from there.

    Shoplifting by juveniles
    At Country Club Gate shopping center.

    Lost and found and now stolen
    Someone stole stuff from a lost-and-found box on Lighthouse Ave.

    Vehicle theft, Forest Ave.
    Victim says she went outside to get into her car and it was gone. All keys are accounted for and the neighbors say they did not see the car.

    Vehicle theft, Forest Hill Blvd.
    Victim reported her car had been stolen and that her boyfriend’s wallet had been in the glove compartment. The boyfriend’s ATM card was used at a gas station.

    Scooter scooted
    Victim reported that her motorized scooter was stolen from out front of a building she was visiting on Central Ave.

    Lost and Found
    A wallet was found on David Ave. The owner’s mother was contacted and the owner picked up the wallet.A cell phone was lost somewhere between Monterey and San Jose.

    Travis Senseth was stopped for a vehicle violation and it was determined that he was under the influence. He was administered FSTS, arrested, cited, and released.

    Victim reported that he was riding his bicycle on the Rec Trail when he saw two people wearing hoodies ahead of him. They separated, and as he passed them, first one shoved him and then the other. He didn’t fall and was able to ride away.

    Battery and threats
    A person battered an employee of a business on 15th St. and made threats. Under investigation.

    Uninvited guest
    A man, determined to the under the influence, forced his way into a house on Walnut Ave. and fought with both the victims there. He was arrested and placed on parole hold, then transferred to County Jail.

    Animal welfare
    A letter concerning animal welfare was received and investigated.

    Animal rescue
    A fawn was out on the rocks and in danger of being swept away by the waves. A citizens covered its eyes with a sweatshirt and brought it in from the shore. He was advised to put the fawn in the bushes in hopes its mother would come back and find it. They do that, you know.

    Caveat Vendit
    A woman sold a chair to a man on Craig’s List. He came and examined it and paid for it. Then he sent an email saying he was not satisfied. Apparently he wanted her to give him the information about other people who wanted the chair so he could contact them, and she refused to do so.

    On a trip…of some sort
    A woman on 12th Street advised that two young woman, maybe 20 years old, who appeared to be under the influence of something, came to her home and solicited funds for a trip. The solicitors said their father was a Marine and that they were new to the area and “home schooled.” Neighbors said they had seen other groups of young people hanging out and had been solicited by the same pair. They were advised to call the police if the young people were seen again.

    No license to sell magazines
    A man in a white vest and olive pants was going door to door selling magazine subscriptions. When contacted, he did not have a business license.

    A driver said she sneezed while driving and hit a stop sign. The vehicle was not damaged but the sign is no longer a sign, but more of a stepping stone.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 26, 2013

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