• Police Log 4/6/13-4/12/13

    Nasty texts
    Reporting party received nasty texts calling her names from a former friend, out of the blue. She was advised to tell the friend, with whom she’d had no contact for a number of months, not to text her again and that she had advised the police.

    Some low-life cut down, stole and/or damaged signs warning people not to bother harbor seals.

    Next time try duct tape
    Vehicle debris was noticed on David Ave., and when the officer went looking around a vehicle was found parked with the front bumper missing. It was under the car, having fallen off the night before. It had been tethered to the car with canvas belts.

    Bark bark bark x 3
    Responding to a complaint of a barking dog, the Animal Control Officer discovered three small dogs which had free access through a doggy door were barking inside as well as outside. The owner, when contacted, said the dogs bark when people walk by the house. Ummmm…
    A rental company sent a letter complaining of a barking dog.
    A person on 1st St. reported barking dogs from a residence behind him. Owners contacted and said they’d try to resolve the issue.

    Dog off leash
    A driver said she had struck a dog on Sunset which was off leash and being chased by a male. A woman yelled at the driver and then ran after the dog, too. The driver said she didn’t know if the dog had been injured.

    Lost and found and found and lost
    Purse with child’s toys and iPod at Lovers Point Park. Returned to owner.
    Cell phone found at school. Returned to owner after police called “recent calls.”
    Knife found on the Rec Trail.
    Titleist golf clubs lost. There are serial numbers available.
    Credit/ATM card found. Owner located and picked up the card.
    Driver’s license found near Hopkins Marine Station. Property letter will be sent as no phone number was found.
    Drivers license found on Lighthouse. Phone number located and message left for owner.
    Owner reports leaving purse on bench. Owner reports finding purse still on bench. Case closed.

    Credit card fraud
    Items were shipped to a Pacific Grove address.

    Vehicle vandalism and theft
    Drivers side headlight shattered.Vehicle window broken on Jewell Ave.
    Front and rear paper plates and vanity plates taken from a vehicle at County Club Gate.A motorcycle license was taken n 3rd St.
    A person reported someone had broken the lock and taken several items from his vehicle.
    Another person reported that someone had attempted the pop the lock on her vehicle.

    Owner incarcerated, animals unclaimed
    On Laurel Ave.

    Smashed toe
    Two women co-workers were fighting and had been having problems with each other for a while. One of them went to the hospital for a smashed toe.

    A person reported she had left her window open on Gibson and that when she returned, she noticed several items out of place. Later she discovered several items were missing. She knew someone had been in her house because the doors were closed.

    An entertainment center with a blue tarp was taken from a porch area on Lighthouse Ave. Gonna be hard to identify that blue tarp, however.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 12, 2013

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