• Police Log 5/11/13-5/17/13

    Mysterious disappearances
    A woman on Lighthouse reported that someone took a gold brick from her apartment. She doesn’t know when it happened or who might have done it. The gold brick was given to her by relatives and she was upset that someone would take her belongings.
    A man on First St. reported that, sometime in the past six months, someone took antique firearms, family antiques, and jewelry from his home. He recently noticed they were missing. No further details.

    Theft from front yard
    A child’s Power Wheels toy was taken from the front yard on Willow St.

    Bike stolen. Pacific Grove Lane
    A bike was locked to a handle in the owner’s parking space. It was stolen while she was at work.

    Lost and found and turned in and returned or not
    A fanny pack containing wallet, cell phone, and camera was lost on 5/12/13.
    A wallet was reported lost. The wallet was found. Owner and wallet reunited.
    A cell phone was lost on 5/10/13 by a woman walking near Lovers Point.
    A man left his iPad on a bench and when he returned 20 minutes later, it was gone.
    A person reported losing a bag on Jewell Ave. No report on what was in the bag.
    An empty prescription bottle was found in the reporting party’s work vehicle. It wasn’t hers.
    Wallet lost near grocery store.
    A console was found in the bushes on Syida. It contained a cell phone, a gigaware iPod FM transmitter, some mints, a necklace and a screwdriver handle.

    Scam averted
    A person on Congress received a call stating that their granddaughter had been involved in a vehicle accident in Canada and that she needed money to bail her out. Luckily, the potential victim called the police instead of Western Union.

    Keep your siding on your side
    A person on 17th St. reported that his neighbor had put several pieces of aluminum siding in his yard. Police officer observed one, and said it appeared to have been blown there by the wind. Nonetheless, the offended party wanted a report.

    Neighbor being rude and potentially feeding the birds
    A woman on Pacific Ave. reports that her neighbor has been rude to her over the years. She doesn’t want him contacted; she just wants a record made. She also reports that he has, in the past, fed the birds though she hasn’t seen this activity recently.

    Knocked down garbage cans on Presidio
    A woman reported that her neighbor intentionally knocked down her garbage cans and shouted obscenities at her daughter. She doesn’t want him contacted for fear it will escalate.

    Hwy. 68: Vehicle stopped for a turn, vehicle coming up behind didn’t see it until it was too late, swerved, hit a vehicle making a turn.
    Non-injury collision on Lighthouse.
    Vehicle rollover on Junipero. No injuries, vehicle towed.
    Vehicle rollover on Funston. No injuries but a drunken driver. Patricia Rowe arrested for drunk driving and transported to Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.
    Non-injury accident involving a vehicle and a tree.
    A woman reported that someone sideswiped her husband’s car on Park St. and left.

    Malicious shopping cart
    A person reported that a shopping cart hit his vehicle on Forest Ave.

    Recidivist dog on 18th
    A woman brought in a dog that was at large. The officer has seen this dog before and the owner had previously been warned.

    Cat rescued from power pole on Mermaid
    A cat was reported up a power pole and a person was climbing the pole to rescue it. The Fire Department was called and responded as did police, hoping to retrieve the cat before it, or the citizen climbing the pole got into difficulties with the electricity. A firefighter climbed the pole and attempted to coax the cat down, eventually grabbing it. It scratched him before he could lower it onto a tarp being held by police and firefighters. The cat had been vaccinated. Returned to its owner.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 17, 2013

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